A Smooth and Noise-free Riding Experience Is Guaranteed by Airwheel R5 Smart electric assist bike

Electric folding bikes are the featured products of Airwheel this year. It has rolled out successively three e bikes since the summer. Each product has their distinctive feature and this article will show the striking features of R5.

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Airwheel is a senior intelligent vehicle manufacturer dedicated to provide affordable and clean traffic solution. This autumn, it is back with the most compelling electric foldable bike R5. It has recently launched the electric folding bike E3 and E6, which is purely driven by electricity. This time, R5 has been added with a cycle chain. Then R5 features a smooth riding system which gives the user the best cycling experience.

Airwheel A3

Airwheel electric moped bike R5 still inherits a minimalist design and style. There are two painting styles, black and white, which will never be outdated. The vehicle has a clean and sleek appearance. It takes only three steps to fold the vehicle, including the main body, operating rod, handle bars and pedals. Integrated with Li-ion battery and a hub motor, it is powerful and yet quiet. The 235W hub motor offers smooth and quiet power. The previous Airwheel electric assist bike is known for its noise-free feature and can be even ridden in offices. R5 still possesses such a merit. The swappable battery is also a key feature of the bike. It can be removed to charge or connected directly to the power source to charge. The battery has a USB port which can charge other electronic devices outdoor. The vehicle is equipped with a 1.4kg Li-ion battery, 16-inch tires and a companion app. When connecting the vehicle to smart phones via the app, it offers functions like fault self-diagnosis, speed setting and real-time positioning.

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Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is a bold attempt in the market of e-bikes. R5 appears stylish, with a minimalistic design and it runs smoothly in the crowded urban traffic environment. Whether for body-building or daily commuting, it will be a devoted pal on the road.

It is recommended by Airwheel that for daily commuters, their journey will be safer if they wear the smart helmet C5 when riding R5. The helmet can head protection, record video, shoot photos, and play music on the road.

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