Airwheel Intelligent Electric Bike, People’s Truly Private Tailored Bike

As we know, ride-hailing service in taxi industry is a great convenience for people’s travelling. But after all, it consumes gasoline and it is expensive comparing the intelligent e bikes developed by Airwheel. To be honest, Airwheel e bikes can fundamentally reach all your travelling requirements.

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Unlike taxi, Airwheel e bikes can be carried with you, no trouble for waiting, traffic congestion or high fees for long distance travelling. Collapsible, mini-sized and light weight, Airwheel smart e bikes will be your accompanied vehicle. The following e bikes are listed for your information.

A carry-on backpack electric bike E3

Generally speaking, there will be a short distance when you arrive at the bus station or underground station nearby your home or office. At this time, Airwheel e bike will be better. The frame of E3 foldable e bike can be folded and it sizes small. Plus, there is also a specially customized backpack used for loading E3 so users can shoulder it, lifting it or dragging it to move forward. More than that, it is small enough to be taken into buses or underground to achieve the seamlessly connection with other public transporting tools.

E6 folding electric bike

Tailor-made e bike E6

Actually, almost all the vehicles’ operating arm or seats can be adjusted to ensure the most comfortable sitting posture and riding experience. And E6 folding electric bike is no exception. Meanwhile, the saddle, made of natural rubber, is designed to the separated left-right shape which greatly improves the ventilation and keeps the force balanced. Driven by electricity, riders can move forward by taking no energy. The X-shaped figure not only reflects its elegance but also gives E6 intelligent e bike unique folding technique.

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Multiple modes and various applicable occasions-R5 electric moped bicycle

Airwheel released the newest product, R5 electric power bicycle, which has the comfortable riding experience and has lots of applicable occasions. It has three ride styles: fitness style, electric-assist ride style and electricity-only style. The first style better suits those users who want to do exercise. Electricity-only style is apt for guys who would like to save energy to arrive their destination. And electric-assist style is more flexible since riders can choose the force by themselves from the 11 gear levels.

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