Attorney Sabra Sasson: New York Divorce Mediator with First-Hand Experience

Helping Clients Get Through Divorce and Move on with Their Lives

No one realizes the value of having the option for divorce mediation in New York until they have gone through a bitter, contested divorce. The reality for many couples is that “Happily Ever After” will come to an end and the need to end their marriage and move on will become the only option for living happily. Sabra Sasson has gone through a contested divorce and she knows how it feels to repeatedly meet in the courtroom to argue the details of her life in front of strangers. She uses this experience and her training as an attorney and New York divorce mediator to help couples work out a fast, cost-effective agreement that is fair to both parties.

Divorces that involve children are among the most sensitive and, unfortunately, most contested divorces of all. Parents often end up fighting over custody, visitation, and child support without any consideration for what their battle is doing to the youngest victims of the dissolving marriage. Mediation gives them a chance to work in the spirit of cooperation to determine what is best for the children so they can come to a resolution that has a minimal impact on them. Although divorce can have a lasting impact on children, a resolution reached through mediation can make it easier for them to move on with their lives as well.

Even couples who have issues that they have difficulty coming to an agreement on will find that the expertise of the New York divorce mediator will make it possible to find middle ground. For a growing number of couples, the faster resolution and lower cost of divorce mediation in New York when compared to litigation make it worth the effort to work out their disagreements in a more agreeable way.

Couples who are ready to bring their unhappy marriage to an end can learn more about divorce mediation in New York by downloading the eBook on the “7 Stages of Divorce.” This eBook will increase their understanding of the mediation process and help them get through the 7 stages of divorce that will get them to the end of the marriage and the beginning of the rest of their life.

About Sabra Law Group

Sabra Law Group offers divorce mediation in New York that allows couples to find a faster, less expensive resolution to ending their marriage. Sabra Sasson has experienced firsthand what it means to go through a contested divorce that requires a lot of court hearings and creates an increasingly hostile situation due to bitter feelings. The New York divorce mediator draws on her own experience and her knowledge of the law to help couples in the same situation get through their divorce and get on with the rest of their lives as painlessly and quickly as possible.

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