Aqua Care Pro announces dental hygiene kits with five useful tools

Customers get a cleaner and sparkling teeth with easy to use dental instruments set

Today, Aqua Care Pro is proud to announce their dental hygiene kit designed to help users achieve sparkling teeth at home. The kits come with five instruments that guarantee a professional standard teeth maintenance and cleaning, in-between going to the dentist. The tools included are dental explorer, tartar scraper, anti-fog mouth mirror, sickle scaler and dental tweezers. Customers have access to a highly detailed user instruction and information leaflet that provided guidance on how to make proper use of the tools. The product is available for purchase at a highly discounted price on

“Our dental kits are famous because they give power to the users. Many people find it hard to achieve clean teeth because they are using the wrong tools, or approaching it the wrong way. We have brought Aqua Care Pro to the public because we are convinced it is all you need to achieve brighter teeth and fresh breath without breaking bank,” said Jay Cheshire, CEO of Aqua Care Pro.

Aqua Care Pro dental hygiene kits help to get rid of tartar and plaque that builds up on the teeth from daily activities. They also contribute to getting rid of bacteria, so that users can maintain a fresh breath and clean teeth all day, all night, without any complications. The tools have also been designed to help users eliminate debris and stains they might have missed during brushing and flossing. It is useful for deep teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, dental pick and general dental hygiene practices.

“Super little teeth cleaning kit. The tools were good quality. I was hesitant at the price, at first, but was pleasantly surprised. The instructions were very useful, as I had never used something like this before, so was a bonus. Needed something to remove plaque from my teeth. This worked perfectly for what I needed,” said George M, a customer.

Aqua Care Pro is made from high-grade stainless steel, which guarantees high-quality delivery of the tools anytime. It also ensures that the tools are kept free of germs for safety in continuous use. The tools also come in high-quality black leather zipper pouch with suede interior. The bag ensures proper protection and better hygiene, and make it easier for users to store the kit in a safe place.

About Aqua Care Pro
Aqua Care Pro manufactures and distributes high-quality dental health hygiene kits. The company’s products help users take care of their teeth professionally, thereby reducing amount of trips to the dentist. Their product is safe, hygiene, and come with 100% money back guarantee. For more information, please contact,

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