Absolutely Efficient Vehicle-Airwheel E3 Backpack Electric Folding Bike

Life won’t keep on the rails and some behaviors that do not observe the rules and regulations always arouse some people’s temporary attention. In current mobile network environment, Airwheel’s lovable new arrival-E3 e bike, has some adjustment in shapes and adds unique folding technique which are served for improving travelling efficiency.

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Nothing is too strange in the world. As we all know, this is not strictly proofed, but when we see or hear some weird or strange things, we can’t help astonishing. During the mobile internet period, things that break our world outlook increase. In Airwheel’s opinion, it is fine for taking anecdotes as life spice but when it refers to our ordinary life, practicability is the key. For example, E3 e bike is designed for users in spite of its special folding techniques.

E3 intelligent electric folding bike

Transporting tools have got developed widely and deeply. With the appearance of intelligent technology, some new tools find their opportunities to show them. Actually, portable intelligent transporting vehicle emerge in endlessly so each manufacture of this field has to accept the cruel test. Airwheel, as the leadership in the industry, fears not the competition and has an insight into the future trends of smart e bike. The E3 backpack electric bike is a decision made in a calm analysis and a powerful defensive line of building up its brand development.

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The e bike shell, made of aluminum alloy, can greatly enhance the loading capacity and shock assistance of E3 intelligent electric folding bike. Due to the aluminum is comparatively light, it won’t be influenced after setting several folding joints. Plus, the car-level coating procedure makes it look very well. Only weighing 12.5kg, E3folding e bike is very easy to be carried after folding. Its folding is fabulous since the two wheels of E3 can be dropped down into the two circles located at the main frame. Moreover, Airwheel team designers customized a travelling backpack which is suitable for loading E3. This can be the big surprise for users. Intelligent backpack e bike owns the folding technology and the process is simple which means that users won’t be bothered by the parking issue. Even if you are living in higher floor, it will be convenient for taking the folded E3 downstairs or upstairs.

In total, Airwheel E3 will be absolutely efficient.

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