PRWeb Review Shows How It Compares with Competitors

PRWeb ReviewLOS ANGELES, CA – 1/2/2017 — A recent PRWeb review reveals details of how this popular press release distribution service measures up to some of its competitors, in terms of both service and price. Based on the information revealed in this review, there may be other comparable but more affordable press release distribution services, such as Press Release Jet.

There are four tiers of PRWeb pricing. Their basic plan, which costs $99 per press release, provides permanent hosting on their website and some search engine visibility. For the standard package, which costs $159 per release, they distribute to news outlets and share the release on social media. The $249 package provides search engine optimization and an upgrade to the premium package, $369, allows the inclusion of images and video and distributes to the Associated Press.

It is possible to get discounts with a PRWeb coupon code, but even with such discounts PRWeb prices still compare very unfavorably to some of their competitors. They also require an account and a login to use their services, which can be a hassle.

With the premium package, PRWeb distributes to an average of about 150 media sites.

An analysis of one of its competitors, Press Release Jet, shows that this service may be a better option for some.

Press Release Jet offers a standard package for $35 which is comparable to the $99 basic plan offered by PRWeb. They also offer a premium package which distributes to all the top-tier media networks for $75 per release. This price also includes the ability to include links and to embed images and video. It guarantees placement in over 375 media sites.

As stated in the conclusion of this PR Web review: “Overall, PRWeb offers a quality service but its prices are not competitive when compared with the prices and service offered by other companies.”

With premium services offered at a fraction of the cost of PRWeb, many will find that Press Release Jet is a better option for press release distribution services.

For more information, or to order a press release, visit the Press Release Jet website.

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