Kansas Christian Drug Rehab – Incorporating a Higher Power

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Kansas Christian drug rehab incorporates a higher power to help end addiction.

There are many religious beliefs that believe drug abuse goes against the will of a higher deity. Christian drug rehab offers an effective, but slightly different approach than traditional rehab. They are highly effective drug abuse programs that include therapy, pastoral care, Bible studies, skills to help navigate life, and direct treatment for detox, counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Mind, body, and spirit are the target for transformation to beat addictions.

Good Principles of Living

Everyone may not believe there is a connection between one’s spiritual life and addiction. However, in the fight against addiction, anyone will do well to apply the principles embellished in Christian living to help keep them sober. Christian rehab programs offer plenty to gain, and nothing to lose.

Approaching Detox

Like any effective program, Christian drug rehab considers detox to be a major first step in helping rid the body of harmful toxins. This can be one of the most challenging stages of rehab. The body may have abused drugs for years, and tolerances may have been built up that create tremendous urges for a drug. Oddly enough, people often avoid detox because withdrawal symptoms are so painful and uncomfortable.

Once the patient navigates detox, rehab begins its second stage where counseling and cognitive therapies play a critical role. Patients learn there is a definite connection between their thinking and behavior. They also learn to introspect and identify and avoid those triggers that can cause relapse in life. Rehab can be tough, but those with a Christian background usually link their own faith with their desire to recover.

It gives them a specific edge in the right to reclaim their life. On the other hand, rehab can be challenging for anyone feeling guilty that their faith may have let them down in the first place. They learn that their faith was not applied properly, and how to strengthen their own spiritual foundation. Christian rehab also teaches participants to view their relationship with God as an integral part of their own healing.

Everyone in the Program Holds Similar Beliefs

An acute advantage of attending Christian rehab is that everyone in the program already holds similar beliefs. This is an added bonus when it comes to fellowshipping in group therapy programs. Patients can share stories, ask questions, listen, and grow toward sobriety. There is a lot of support and inspiration to go around, and many people in the program realize their struggle with drugs or alcohol has been given new meaning.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps each patient to realize how their thinking has played a role in their current situation. These therapies are in line with Bible teachings. Perhaps the biggest benefit gained in attending faith-based rehab is that patients can make the connection that God is an important part of their healing. If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, it may be time to look into a Christian rehab for answers and solutions.

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