Tutor Services found online through Tuition Hero

Tuition Hero was founded on the principles of tutoring for Malaysian students. The focus of the company is to provide competent tutors that will guide children through their lessons and classes at the comfort of their own homes.

Many of the organization’s students have become better students with the personalized tutor programs made for them. It helps them learn the concepts and ideas they find difficulty with during class. Also, students become more in tune in absorbing information discussed by their teachers with the constant tutoring at home.

A lot of kids have achieved more than their expected grades with the home tuition program of Tuition Hero. This is due to the undivided attention delivered by professional tutors all throughout the tutoring session at home. Kids feel more at ease learning new things during classes while parents feel proud and happy that their children are performing well in school.

Many of the organizations tutors have great interpersonal skills which allow them to relate and establish a connection with their tutees. This in turn helps kids become more receptive to the lessons their tutors are teaching them during sessions.

Parents can choose from over 2,500 tutors that all have a high satisfaction rating based on reviews from past clients. They also provide learning tools and a support team to ensure that every tutoring session is a quality one.

The company currently serves offers their quality tutoring services in KL, Penang, Johor, Selangor, and Seremban. All the standard subjects found in the official national and international syllabus of the Ministry of Education in Malaysia from primary school to college can be taught by Tuition Hero tutors.

Interested parents can also browse through the list of their recommended tutors which can be classified according to their specific subject of expertise to teach their kids. If a parent finds the tutor as a perfect match based on their profile, they can immediately request for that tutor to schedule a session with their son or daughter.

Tutors who also want to be part of the Tuition Hero community can visit TuitionHero.my to see important details about job opportunities and get notifications of tutoring jobs in their area. They provide a medium for parents to find their ideal tutors and for tutors to get jobs.

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Company Name: Hero Education Sdn Bhd
Contact Person: Mr. Khor
Email: hi@tuitionhero.my
Phone: +6012-4449510
Country: Malaysia
Website: http://tuitionhero.my