Teen Substance Abuse in Alabama – The Tragic Story

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Teen substance abuse in Alabama is a tragic story.

It can be challenging enough for adults to get caught up in substance abuse. However, it is even more tragic when teens become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Their lives are, literally, just starting. Substance abuse can end in jail, failed health, and often death. There is no single age group as affected by substance abuse more than young people. On a nationwide level, alcohol and drugs affect more than 23 million people age 12 and over. The addicted group includes family members, friends, parents, and neighbors.

The fact remains that a person’s brain is not fully developed until they reach the age of 15. Abusing drugs or alcohol at an early age greater increases the risk of addiction at a later age. Young people who drink or take drugs before age 15 are at least five times a likely to develop an addiction as youth who starting taking drugs after the age of 21.

Reasons for Teen Drug Abuse

Teens take drugs for a number of reasons, including the desire to fit in, to look cool, to offset depression, or even to lose weight. They are easily influenced by their environment. The reality is that millions of adults fail to set a positive example. If adults can abuse drugs, then why should they be prevented? Young people can also be affected by genetics. Sometimes, the propensity to abuse drugs or alcohol runs in a family. This makes it easier for youth to get their hands on alcohol or drugs from family members.

The truth is substance abuse is not so much a moral issue, and neither a matter of choice for many. Once a person’s body becomes addicted, they crave for more of their substance. The body builds up a tolerance, and the addicted person must take more of their substance with each hit, or take it more often. Their body goes through withdrawal in the ups and downs of taking and not taking their drug.

It is not difficult to tell if a person has a drug or alcohol problem. Their personality may change and they may withdraw from social activities all of a sudden. New friends may appear. Items within the home may start disappearing. Teens will often lose interest in school and other things they used to enjoy doing. Parents and loved ones at a certain stage, may simply throw up their hands without any knowledge of what to do.

Getting Teens Clinical Help

There is hope when a teen is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Getting them the clinical help and support they need is a top priority. Addiction strains family relationships to the limit—and quite often beyond.

Inpatient and outpatient treatment options are available for teens. Staffed by caring doctors and counselors, professional treatment agencies have the experience and know-how to treat both the addiction and any hidden co-occurring mental disorders. They know the importance of offering a full, thorough treatment so as to give teens the best chance to avoid relapse.

Detox starts their treatment, which is followed by counseling and cognitive therapy. Parents and teens benefit when they can discover, together, the causes of their addiction, and the triggers that can lead to relapse.

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