What Can Be Expected During Detox For Oregon Patients?

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When there is an addiction, the only method that can clear a patient is rehab that provides detox.

Once a patient has entered rehab, and doctors and clinicians determine the patient’s method for detox, cleansing the body of harmful toxins is the next step. Detox, for the most part, is still misunderstood by millions. Many addicts, drug or alcohol, assume they can quit at will. Their goal is to abuse their substance for a while, then get back to a state of normalcy. Many, the vast majority, soon find out their addiction has taken control over their life.

Taking a Leap of Faith

The first step toward sobriety is a leap of faith for many. It is admitting there is a problem to begin with, and then finding clinical help to address it. Most people have to come to know the life of an addict. Rehab is going to dramatically change that. Many of the changes that patients go through during detox and rehab will require a great deal of patience for everyone involved. After admittance into a rehab program, doctors will thoroughly examine the patient both physically and for co-occurring mental disorders. This is done to provide thorough, effective treatment, and to avoid future relapse.

Detox begins. Knowing what to expect from detox can go a long way in helping settle a patient’s nerves. The can respond better to treatment if they know what will take place.

• Day 1 – Expect to receive a welcome at the start of your recovery. Counselors talk with patients, and an individualized treatment plan is created. The treatment plan matches their unique needs. Patients, upon arrival, spend a little time getting comfortable with their surroundings.

• A Week, or Several Weeks – Time, for many patients, goes quickly as detox can last for a week or longer, depending on the drug and the patients level of addiction. Your counselor/s will work with you at every step along the way. Patients should hold strong. Whatever feelings of wanting to bail on rehab will pass as they get see progress being made.

• Challenging Withdrawals – During detox, patients are monitored 24/7 to make sure their treatment plan is working.

Medically supervised detox is highly recommended because of the dangers inherent with withdrawal. Withdrawal can be highly uncomfortable, painful, and even deadly if not done properly.

It is not uncommon for doctors to use medications like methadone or Suboxone to lessen drug cravings and harsh withdrawal symptoms. Patients may also be given specific supplements and fluids to help treat dehydrated conditions. Some detox centers have a policy of limiting outside contact with family and friends. This is referred to as a “blackout” period and allows the patient to focus on getting through detox. It may take a patient a while to get through detox and arrive at a point where they feel totally normal. Patients are encouraged to take advantage of everything that rehab offers. Contact a rehab center of interest and inquire about the rehab programs and how detox is handled.

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