Comedy Radio Station plans global expansion

As Radio Ha-Ha celebrates its second year anniversary, plans are afoot to expand

LONDON, UK – 1/2/2017 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — Radio Ha-Ha!  the Internet Comedy Radio Station celebrates its second year broadcasting to the world.

During this period they have managed to build up a listening audience in over 150 different countries. Not bad for a small, self-funded project.

Next year they are looking to acquire funding to finance their expansion prior to launching income streams from advertising, show production and on selling of shows. This looks like it could be the start of another internet company success story.

Currently Radio Ha-Ha! is broadcasting 24 hour non-stop comedy randomly selected from their vast database of global comedy material. No genre goes uncovered. Whether it be; Stand-Up, Sketches, Soliloquies, Poetry, Music, Panel Shows, they play it all. Go to their website and it just plays, simple as that!

However, they do realise that they can’t please all the people all the time. As such, the first stage of their development will include; building a playlist facility so that listeners can fine tune their content by genre, country or artist.

They also plan to start introducing presenters and producing their own live shows. They aim to attract support from a financial institute or angel investor soon but until then they will keep taking it one step at a time.

Radio Ha-Ha! is currently listened to in over 150 different countries. They don’t quite know how they have got such a following as they haven’t even started their advertising campaign yet, but people do love to laugh and the word does spread. Have you tuned in yet?

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