Lumintop Wholesale LED Flashlights Launched to Promote Use of Eco-friendly Lighting

Lumintop, a top wholesaler and retailer of LED flash lights, recently launched LED flashlights for everyday usage.

Lumintop, a top manufacturer of LED flash lights, recently rolled out their latest portable and low-cost LED flashlights that are now available at wholesale prices. The LED flashlights that the company has launched now are designed and meant for promoting eco-friendly lighting. Besides, the wholesale LED flashlights are also cost-effective lighting solutions for individuals on a budget, the owners of Lumintop claimed. They added that the battery rechargeable LED flashlights can provide greater stability and flexibility to the users.

Some of the recently launched LED flashlights of Lumintop are SD26, Prince Mini, EDC25, Torpedo 007 among others. According to the owners, each of these flashlights has longer run-time than the incandescent flashlights commonly available in the retail market now. They also said that the pocket-sized flashlights have more than one mode and are easy to carry. The wholesale LED flashlights manufacturers are now selling their products through their online stores and operational bases in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Australia, Philippines, Germany, Canada and the UK. The owners believe that the rising demand for LED flashlights across the globe would boost their overseas sales.

Especially after the launch of their latest products, Lumintop owners feel that they can successfully market their innovatively designed sleek and functional flashlights in the domestic as well as overseas market. They added that retailers and general buyers can now choose from the diverse range of products by narrowing down their search from the drop-down menu on their website. The owners of Lumintop said that they provide warranty on all of their products. The patented and trademarked products of the company, including the EDC flashlight, are now available in China and in the overseas market as well.

“We plan to showcase our latest products in the upcoming trade shows and events. In this day and age when world’s non-renewable resources are fast depleting, LED lights are the future. We believe that our portable and long-life LED flashlights would be sold in large numbers as we have also kept the price low so that everyone can afford these. The idea is to promote the futuristic lighting solutions”, said the CEO and managing director of Lumintop.

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Lumintop is a top manufacturer and wholesaler of LED flashlights.

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