Popular Pop Artist Dany PATARINI Shares His Unique Outlook On Life And Music With New Album

Italian pop artist Dany PATARINI hums about the never-day-spirit even in bad times and inspires people to look forward to a brighter future in his latest album “Un’Altra, It is 2 to 7 Love”.

New York City, New York, January 3, 2017: One never knows where life is taking him to…it’s the same with Dany PATARINI, Saudi Gov and US Gov applications as well- all one has to do when life hits hard is to rise even higher. That’s exactly what Dany PATARINI did after he was hit by an accident in Cannes in 2007 summer. His Majesty Saudi Prince Alkoli Mohamed crashed into him while driving under influence that day, leaving Dany hurt and wounded. Although the prince was later found guilty of having alcohol in bloodstream yet he just got 2 days behind the bars. However, Dany Patarini walked away with a new outlook on life and it is this inspiring outlook that he has shared with his latest album “Un’Altra, It is 2 to 7 Love”.

The album was launched a few months back in April 2016.

“Accident hits you hard. It hit me bad too but then it also opened my eyes towards a new outlook on life and music which I have shared with my latest album Un’Altra, It is 2 to 7 Love”, stated Patarini who said that accident actually steered him further into his passion for music and propelled him to create the pop numbers that has made him so popular now.

After his accident, Dany found a new zeal to work on his hidden love for music and hasn’t stopped since- his latest album being Un’Altra.

“After the mishap, I realized that the only way for you to recover from bad times is to rise up even higher and move towards a more positive future. You have to rise up as the Phoenix from the ashes and look forward to brighter times ahead and you will see what amazing moments life has to offer for you. My latest album is all about that never-say-die spirit which I am hopeful to motivate you to successfully wade through your struggles in life as well”, added in the Italian pop artist who is now busy sharing his music with the world through live concerts on stage.

Born in Cattolica, Italy, Dany also dons an illustrious hat as a Harvard alumnus. He had graduated from Harvard Business School Graduate in Human Resources and had worked at top firms in various major aspects of business, such as- European Accounting, International Private Banking, International Consultant, Governments, International Banking, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Transports, Energies, Nuclear, Aerospace and Defenses. He has also been an international Financial Controller at High Management level for IBM.

The scholar has proven his esteemed expertise in business and is now looking forward to accomplish the same prestigious stature in the pop music realm. Currently he is selling the phone through which he informed the police about the accident by His Majesty Saudi Prince. His “811” number is themed on that accident and unfolds the reality faced by a victim hit by an accident.

Dany has some of the most elite names backing him as his sponsors- including United States Department of Interior (US Gov), Jean-Roch, SKEMA Business School, Office of Cannes French Riviera, Expat France (French Gov), the Luxembourg Ministry of Education (Luxembourg Gov), His Excellency Dr.Abdulrahman Al Awar (Director General at Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) UAE (UAE Gov), BNP Paribas, and Avril Lavigne.

To join Dany PATARINI in his inspirational musical journey, check him out at Dany PATARINI VIP Club or visit http://www.danypatarini.com. Check his latest music album at https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dany-patarini/id937309415.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/EbRtTtg7Hho

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