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January 4, 2017 – Businesses and other parties looking to book venues and handle ticketing functions are relying upon Event Flavour for their assistance needs. The site has become available to the public as a space for handling all sorts of events that people might be interested in but aren’t as easy to find out about elsewhere.

Event Flavour operates as a site where people can create events, sell tickets and manage the overall processes associated with getting attendances managed. People can list their events and promote them on the site to help get more people to learn about those particular events, thus making it a very efficient service for promoting a variety of special occasions.

The platform is free for people to use when getting a listing ready. Some service charges are involved for tickets sold through the platform but those charges can always be passed on to the individual customers.

It only takes a few moments for users to get different events listed on the site. A user can add details on an event based on its title, type and category. Pictures relating to the event can be listed alongside details on tickets and how to order them. This is all done to help people get their events promoted online and to have an easier time with getting tickets out to those who might be interested.

Users can also track the progress of their campaigns in real time. This helps users to see how their campaigns are running in many forms.

The venue platform on this site is also useful. A group can use Event Flavour to find and book venues. Venue operators can also list information on their sites and when they are available for use. This helps people to get different events booked with plenty of support. This is an effective and useful solution for those aiming to get the most out of the events that they are aiming to promote.

Event Flavour is helping people to take care of all their different event booking and venue support needs. The site is designed to improve how well people can book different events and make them more marketable.

About the platform:

Event Flavour is a platform that highlights information on events & venues around the world. The site helps people to market events and to reserve venues while also selling tickets.

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