Quick Review of PRWeb Reveals It Offers Less Overall Value Than Its Competitors

PRWeb RevealLOS ANGELES, CA – 4 Jan, 2017 – While PRWeb is a popular choice for businesses trying to efficiently and effectively distribute their press releases, as revealed in a recent PRWeb Review, they may not be the best choice. If you review PRWeb’s prices for the services they offer, you will find than another option such as Easy Newswire offers more bang for your buck.

When choosing a service that will manage your information sharing needs, you should pick a company that will send your release to a wide array of sources without charging too much. If you’re wondering just what PRWeb is, it’s essentially a press release distribution service. PRWeb offers four tiers of service at $99, $159, $249, and $369 per release that offer varying distribution sizes and content customization features, depending on the option you choose. With one of their packages you’ll get permanent hosting on their website, some search engine visibility, and distribution to a varying number of sources depending on the package you buy.

While purchasing a premium release for $369 may seem affordable, it will only get your information to about 150 different sources. PRWeb’s parent company, Cision, offers wider distribution through their high-end brand, PRNewswire. But if you review the comparison of PRWeb to PRNewswire, you might be disappointed by how much you’ll have to pay for those additional sources.

A quick review of PRWeb reveals that while the service may be well known, it’s not necessarily the best option for distributing your press release. If you review another company such as Easy Newswire, you may find it offers the service you need at a competitive price.

Easy Newswire offers distribution to over 350 different news sources including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and the CW as well as distribution to online platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Dogpile. Additionally, Easy Newswire will help you imbed picture or videos in your release to maximize its visual appeal. PRWeb doesn’t offer distribution to as many sources as Easy Newswire and they charge more than twice as much for their premium option.

Take a look at the services offered by Easy Newswire. After your review you’ll easily see that they offer a better value and better service than PRWeb and will effectively distribute your press release so that your brand or product gets the exposure it needs.

For more information or to send a press release, please visit http://www.easynewswire.com

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