Ziv’s Workout Launches High Tech Grill Gloves On Amazon.com

Tel Aviv, Israel – After the holiday season, shoppers scour the web to find the perfect gift for the barbecue enthusiast in their life. While grill tongs and other grilling utensils have become a commonplace offering, grill gloves have been a mainstay on holiday shoppers’ wish lists.

Ziv’s Workout is proud to introduce its latest product, a pair of premium quality grill gloves. Focusing on design, functionality and aesthetics, Ziv’s Workout managed to create a pair of gloves that will cater to the needs of both amateur and professional grill cooks around the nation.

Featuring a 5 finger flexi-grip design, the Ziv’s Workout grill gloves allow wearers full movement of their fingers and palms, while providing optimal grip, so as to avoid any potential accidents while handling hot food and utensils.

The company did not spare any expenses when it came to ensuring that its product was made in accordance with exceptional quality standards. The gloves are made of tightly-woven aramid fiber, which not only allows one’s hand to remain free of perspiration while cooking, but it also slows down temperature rise, thus giving wearers the chance to react, in time, when potentially coming into contact with an exceptionally hot surface.

The gloves bear the EN 407 certification, which means that they allow wearers to withstand 932˚F heat for a full 15 seconds. Due to this phenomenal feature, the Ziv’s Workout grill gloves make for an effective safety measure while grilling, or while performing other tasks, under high temperatures.

“We created the Ziv’s Workout grill gloves, because we know that a slew Amazon customers have been on the lookout for a pair of grill gloves that would stand the test of time,” said Ziv’s Workout’s media representative. He added “We take great pride in knowing that our product will launch on Amazon just in time for the holiday season, so that grill masters from all over the country can receive a memorable gift, which is made to provide them with hours of fun, easy and safe grilling.”

In addition to grilling, Ziv’s Workout grill gloves can be used for many other purposes, such as baking, oven cooking, or even setting the fireplace.

To learn more about Ziv’s Workout grill gloves, please visit: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZLUGDI

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