Several Subversive Technologies that Change the Future

The technologies that will be the most important to economic development in the next decade will be those that are booming, such as mobile Internet in developed and emerging markets, 3D printing technology, energy storage technology, etc. Now as a new type of storage technology, lithium ion battery has been widely used in electric buses, electric cars as well as electric bicycles, while Onebot T8 is a newly designed folding electric bike with lithium-ion battery.

Mobile Internet

In just a few years, portable devices connected to the Internet, including more than 100 million smartphones and tablets, have become a common thing in daily life from the luxury of a few people. In the United States, it is estimated that 30% of Internet users and 40% of media people use mobile devices to access the Internet.

In 2015, Wireless Internet access is expected to exceed the Wired Internet access. And emerging new electronic products will rapidly integrate into people’s lives with explosive speed. This also changes the way people connecting to the surrounding physical world at the time people enjoy the convenience of Internet access everywhere.

Mobile Internet technology is rapidly evolving, including the development of some intuitive interface, innovative wearable equipment. In the fast-growing economic society, mobile Internet closely connects billions of people around the world. 

3D Printing Technology

Previously, 3D printing technology to a large extent is only the choice of product designers, hobbyists, and a small number of manufacturing applications. However, 3D printing technology has been accepted by more and more consumers and manufacturers with the increasing of mechanical properties, the expansion of applicable materials, and the rapid decline of the price of printing machines and materials. By using 3D printing technology, parts or products can be printed directly according to the design drawings, eliminating many traditional manufacturing steps.


More importantly, 3D printing technology can support on-demand production, significantly reducing the cost of manufacturers of inventory products. It also reduces the amount of material wasted in the manufacturing process and prints products that are difficult or impossible to manufacture with traditional technology.

Scientists can even use this technique to “organically print” human organs. 

Automatic or Semi-automatic Means of Transport

Now people can create fully automatic or semi-automatic driving automobiles, electric bicycle, trucks, aircraft, ships and so on. From unmanned aerial vehicles on the battlefield to Google’s unmanned vehicles, vehicle vision, artificial intelligence, sensor and actuator technology are rapidly increasing. In the next decade, low-cost, commercial unmanned aircraft and submarine technology will be widely available in practical applications.

Autopilot vehicles and trucks will revolutionize land transport, and the automation system will offer help to the driver in guiding capacity, braking functions and avoiding collisions. Potential benefits of automated vehicles also include increasing safety, reducing CO2 emissions, and improving transport efficiency. 

Energy Storage Technology

Energy storage technologies include batteries and other systems that store energy for later use. Lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells have been widely used in electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, as well as billions of portable electronic devices.

Lithium-ion battery is particularly prominent in improving performance and reducing costs and its cost of unit storage capacity in the past decade had also dropped significantly. Over the next decade, the development of energy storage technology can make electric vehicles cost-competitive. 

Now the li-ion battery has been widely used in electric buses, electric cars, and electric bicycles, bicicleta electrica, velo electrique, Elektro-Fahrrad etc. and the Onebot T8 e-bike from Concepts Wit is a new electric bike using li-ion batteries to drive. The power resource is high-efficient, compact and light, recyclable and eco-friendly. And Onebot T8 e-bike itself can be towed for both standing and moving. It can be taken into subway, bus, elevator, car trunk, anywhere you like, that is unparalleled in market. It is optimistic to see in near future more and more people will choose this compact and flexible new modes of transport.

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