The Year 2017 Sees World’s First VR Operator and Carrier: Could 2017 Mark the Real Beginning of the VR Era? WeAIVR Redefines the VR Industry

When Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014, some said that 2014 was the year marking the start of the VR Era. Then 2015 and 2016 were claimed by different sources as the start of the VR Era. However, VR as new industry apparently suffered a difficult birth. The world has constantly seen VR products well done but not selling well.

Today, three years later, while the world becoming cautious about remarks of the start of the VR Era, a VR application carrier and operator emerged in the East, becoming the most surprising black horse in the VR industry: World Enlightened Technologies Corporation Limited (WeAIVR).

A carrier and operator for VR contents! This is great news for VR content producer and hardware providers who are struggling to transform their technological capacity into market value. As we know well, mobile operators created a new communication market when the phone communication moved to mobile. Does the emergence of this VR operator WeAIVR symbolize the arrival of a new era?

According to authoritative international source, WeAIVR has taken up one fifth of the global VR market (in terms of sale volume) by December 2016. 

According to IMedia, China’s VR market with annual revenue of ¥5.66 billion RMB or monthly ¥471 million monthly revenue, accounts for one third of the world market. In December 2016 alone, WeAIVR achieved ¥160 million RMB(or $ 22 million USD) in sales of prepaid service card with market value of 320-360 million RMB, accounting for over two thirds (67.9%) of China’s monthly VR market volume, or one fifth (20.3%) world VR market.

The large sales figure has to be attributed to the extensive sales network that WeAIVR has built up over the past seven years through promoting the product of DeepBrain Mentor Axun, an AI and VR enabled personal development mentor (which WeAIVR carries exclusively). WeAIVR has a social network of closely engaged customers of about half a million and on the ground sales network in a dozen Chinese cities where it hold prepaid card promotion event monthly.

Many has witnessed the hot sales scenes as this one happened on Christmas day 2016 in a small city  Zhengzhou. At a special event sale which convened 36 people, the sale of signal experience card reached 104%.  Many buyers went for the supper package of ¥800,000 RMB which include a retail value of ¥2 million RMB. The buyers were confident that they could open experience studios in their own town and sell the VR experience to make a good profit while helping people. Such an event is happening in other 5 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an and Weifang.

Photo: The scene of sales show events where buyers are swiping their cards to make the purchase.

Therefore it is no surprise that when WeAIVR unveiled a new product on sales platform by Sina and Tencent, it reaped another 2 million USD within two days.

On its Annual Conference sales event in Beijing, hundreds of thousands of Chinese people witnessed the supper sales broadcast online. When the announcement of 50% off sales started, dozens of people lined up before the cash register to purchase super packages. In 40 minutes, WeAIVR sold ¥39 million RMB’s prepaid cards with retail value of ¥80 million RMB (or $ 11 million USD).

The secret behind the success is WeAIVR’s unique perspective on VR. To them, VR is not the next terminal of the age of information technology but the first terminal of age of cognitive technology.

The success of DeepBrain Technology (producer of DeepBrain Mentor Axun), a cognitive science backed VR content producer exclusively represented by WeAIVR, helps WeAIVR redefine the VR industry. (DeepBrain Technology or Axunboxcat is also a CES exhibitor.)

DeepBrain grew out of a research institute having focused on the application of cognitive science for seven years, which covers brain neurological system study, artificial intelligence and psychology. To Michael Zhang, Director of the research institute (who is also the founder of WeAIVR), VR is not the next terminal after PC and mobile phone. Instead, it is the first terminal of cognitive technology.

Information age is fast becoming a bygone age. Sixteen years ago, 50 Nobel Laureate-level scientists had jointly declared that the next technological paradigm shift after the information age would be the cognitive technology age.

While most VR industry players are still treating VR as the next terminal of information technology, DeepBrain has been approaching VR as a cognitive technology terminal, since the essence of VR is to transform human perception of the reality. DeepBrain team has the cutting edge application and experiences in cognitive technology from years of accumulation.

Why VR should be regarded as the first terminal of cognitive technology age rather than the third screen after PC and mobile phone?

Zhang pointed out that the core theory of cognitive science is “Perception is Reality.” Virtual reality technology can create a reality for people by manipulating their perception. When we understand this, we can focus on creating a new reality for users and change their perceptions, rather than simulating the existing reality, like what most of the VR industry has been doing. Zhang declared that the VR contents in the next 5 years will not be the same as those before 2016.

“In either adult movies or video games, current VR producers are still copying the current human perception of the world. They are merely playing the role of a mover, moving what is in reality now into the VR goggles. However, we are using a completely different approach.

Our slogan is:

Let them virtualize the reality. We create a new reality.

Let them produce artificial intelligent (AI). We use AI to upgrade human mind.”

With this unique vision, WeAIVR is poised to be the YC (Y Combinator), the famous incubator in Silicon Valley, for the VR Era. That is by no means stretching, considering WeAIVR Incubator has cognitive technology capacity, a patent pool in AI and VR technologies, top global level capital resources, an accelerator system, and an extensive board of advisors. By the end of 2016, WeAIVR has incubated several unicorn companies with monthly revenue of about $ 3 million USD, such as DeepBrain Technology.

For more about WeAIVR, see video here:

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