Kaliana Emotional Care: Natural Stress Relief to Stay Younger and Sleep Better

6 Jan, 2017 – During the press meet held yesterday, the spokesperson for Kaliana Emotional Care said they have upgraded their wide range of Emotional Care® products. They are now even more effective for people who wish to feel younger, sleep better and experience less stress.

People are always looking for new ways to relieve their stress. Common practices such as natural healing, aromatherapy, medications and vitamins, can affect them physically and mentally. This is why the Kaliana website focuses on helping people create a life they love by offering essential products to help them handle and manage their emotions. According to Kaliana, there are 7 key ways people can feel younger and happier when they use their natural stress relief products. By opting for these Emotional Care®products, people can feel calmer and happier in as little as 30 seconds.

Kaliana, the Founder of Natural Emotional Care® stated that, “Just like the body requires vitamins for performing its functions effectively, the body also requires emotional support products to stay happy, young and confident. Our hand-crafted and aged formulas are prepared by blending the ingredients using a complex process consisting of over 150 steps. We handpick the right ingredients specific to each formula, preferring wild harvested and organic. These ingredients are then hand-blended in small batches to improve the healing energies responsible for alleviating stress and boosting vitality.”

Kaliana Emotional Care products are 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free and safe for adults, kids, and pets. When visiting https://www.kaliana.com/pages/find-your-emotional-care-formula, one can find the perfect Emotional Care® formula by choosing from the formula images. The specific colors and shapesof the images were intentionally designed to guide the viewers. By going to the “Find your Emotional Care formula” page, kids and adults can pick their image and discover which emotions may be their biggest challenge; furthermore, uncovering the vibra-nutrients™ their body may be needing the most.

The unique Vibraceutical™ in each formula delivers positive energy and helps the body release negative energy and restore balance. The combinations of essential oils and vibra-nutrients™ found in their natural stress relief products help to improve the user’s mental state, emotions, sleep, and overall health. Those who wish to shop for their Emotional Care® products can visit the site and choose from their wide range of products, including Fix-me™ Mists, Vitamins for Emotions™, Deep-release™ Oils, and Emotional Care® Kits for complete emotional support.

About Kaliana

Kaliana has been studying natural healing for over 40 years, is a certified Phyto-Aromatologist and the Founder of Natural Emotional Care®. Shehas authored 4 books, teaches certification courses for CEs and is a professional speaker. Kaliana developed affordable Emotional Care® products to help adults and children naturally manage stressful emotions. Kaliana Emotional Care products are available online at www.kaliana.com, from practitioners and therapists, and in health food stores across the United States.

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