Bev Short Announces the Launch of “Fit and Fabulous at over 40!” online holistic health program for midlife women

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – 6 Jan, 2017 – Bev Short is excited to announce the launch of “Fit and Fabulous at over 40!” online holistic health program that takes midlife women who have gained weight and suffer from debilitating menopausal symptoms, fatigue, low energy levels, and feeling invisible to transformation in health and lifestyle through completely natural methods that balance hormones, achieve weight loss, eliminate menopausal symptoms, and improve quality of life.  The official launch date for Bev Short’s Fit and Fabulous over 40! online holistic health program  is January 6, 2017.

Bev Short believes her “Fit and Fabulous at Over 40!” online holistic health program for midlife women will transform the way women perceive midlife and menopause worldwide.  Bev Short uses nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction to balance hormones in an educational environment where participants leave not only feeling lighter, healthier and rejuvenated but are armed with the knowledge to sustain this lifestyle going forward.

Many weight loss/hormone balancing programs for menopausal aged women use supplements and/or done-for-you meal plans whereas Bev Short’s “Fit and Fabulous at Over 40!” online holistic health program for midlife women guides you through an easy to follow science of nutrition, menopausal hormone change, exercise, sleep and combatants to stress so participants have the knowledge to make informed choices moving forward.  In addition Bev Short uses mindset tools, time management and ‘life balance’ strategies to achieve optimal holistic health.  Bev Short over delivers in this program offering clients 1:1 tailored coaching along with a group environment for extra support.

Bev Short is available for interviews and discovery calls immediately.

“Menopausal years don’t have to feel like a life sentence.  Where there is knowledge there is power and when you learn some basic principles of hormone balancing your life can take a 360 degree turn for the better.” – Bev Short

Clients say:

“I’m 43, been suffering from awful night sweats, lack of sleep and if by chance I do sleep properly, wake up feeling lethargic and exhausted. To complicate matters further, I have Multiple Sclerosis and am essentially Vegan…three weeks into this programme, how am I feeling? Blooming amazing!! My health has changed significantly. I am now sleeping properly, wake up feeling refreshed and my energy levels remain high all day!! I have not felt this way in over 8 years…Bev has taught me so much about hormones, why it’s important to eat a certain way and guided me through a simple process to ensure I learn how to plan and eat properly in a stress free way. I cannot speak highly enough of Bev Short.” – Laura Dempsey, Wellington

“Bev is the real deal and the whole package. She has a wealth of knowledge amassed through her own journey to a healthier lifestyle and she shares that with her clients. Not only is it about nutrition, health and exercise but it’s also about really listening. Sometimes that was the most powerful aspect for me when the daily grind was tough. I lost the weight, changed some habits and feel great…” – Anita, Christchurch

Company Info:

Bev Short was an internationally recognized art portrait photographer when she transformed her own health and wellness in 2011.  At age 49 she changed career in order to help midlife women achieve with their lives what she had done with her own. She is a Qualified Personal Trainer and Certified Professional Food and Nutrition Coach and runs a successful online business helping women all over the world balance their hormones to achieve sustainable weight loss, eliminate menopausal symptoms, regain energy and lead happier lives – all through completely natural methods.

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