Champion Shave Offers A Great Value For Online Sale

Available With a Six-Blade System For a Clean Shave

January 9, 2017 – Champion Shave, one of the newest innovations in the world of shaving, has announced it is currently selling its products on and Champion Shave is a product designed with a six-blade system with an aerodynamic handle designed to give men the closest shave possible.

Champion Shave is designed as a revolution in the field of men’s care. It uses a six-blade system with each blade carefully spaced evenly apart from one another. It has a cooling pad on the end to allow the user to stay comfortable while abrasion down.

This also comes with an aerodynamic handle. Champion Shave has been promoting this specific handle as a unique innovation for how it offers a comfortable grip with plenty of grooves on its body. This allows the user to position the blades at different angles to get to all contours of one’s face.

The pivoting design on the handle also improves how well it moves around one’s face. It works well with regards to providing a better angle for shaving.

The company has reached partnerships with many prominent figures. It has teamed up with the prominent Real Madrid and Juventus soccer teams as well as professional sporting stars Usain Bolt and Wayne Gretzky.

The products for sale at and include designs with different colors and emblems. The Usain Bolt model has a vibrant black and green tone to match up with the Jamaican flag.

The product is available on the Amazon and Sears websites. Each set comes 1 handle and 4 refill cartridges. The blades are easy to remove and add as needed. They are also easy to clean off and can work for a good period of time. This makes it easier for anyone to get the most out of their shaving needs.

The Champion Shave product is being highlighted as an option that is effective and useful for many shaving needs that people hold. This especially ensures that any man who uses this will have an easier time with getting a clear and crisp shave.

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Company Name: Champion Shave Inc
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Phone: 1-403-400-6039
Address:2175 NW 115th Avenue, Suite 206
City: Miami
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