Happy in Petriti – Short prose and poetry about life as it is

“Happy in Petrití” by Werner Krotz
Werner Krotz shares ideological considerations, dream adventures and more in his collection “Happy in Petrití”.

Corfu is the greenest of the Greek Islands and a popular holiday destination for many people from overseas. The author and his wife wanted to spend three weeks on the island, swimming, relaxing, basically doing nothing much at all. Werner Krotz, however, started reading a book by Osho before they went on their holiday. He finished the book on Corfu, and moved on to a magazine about Buddhism. Following the lecture of these texts, he decided to simply observe the world around him and put his observations down in writing. This collection is the result of three weeks in Corfu during which the author simply existed and observed.

There are many short pieces of prose and a good number of poems in “Happy in Petrití” by Werner Krotz. They are in chronological order. The 85 pieces were created on Corfu, but some were also written just before and just after the holiday. The texts include nature observations, life experiences, ideological considerations, dream adventures, and mischief. No two texts are the same, and all offer some interesting insights into life.

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