#incommunicado – An exciting novel about intellectual property rights

“#incommunicado” by Michel Reimon
A band is sued for a breach of copyright in Michel Reimon’s “#incommunicado” – but did they really steal someone else’s work?

“A rock band suddenly has to deal with surprisingly being sued becaue of a rather dubious copyright infringement. The band does not want to give in and fights back. After all, they feel like their own rights are being violated. They go public with all the information and transform their own concerts into protest actions to become a voice for all artists who have ever been wrongfully accused of breaching the copyright laws.” The story is told from the point of view of one of the band members who writes a blog in which he shares everything about the story that involves his band and the copyright issue.

Copyright is a very current topic, and “#incommunicado” by Michel Reimon highlights how easily problems can occur with it – especially in a time during which so much music is created, and it is hard to keep track of who really has written what. The book is political in nature, but the story of the band is very entertaining as well as educating. The readers will be interested in learning about the outcome for the band, and at the same time they learn a lot about the current state of the copyright system – and why its old form just does not work in our modern world.

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