Paula White Inauguration Day Jackass – a new book

ORLANDO, FL – 9 Jan, 2017 – Since 2006, Jezebelic pornpiteer and prosperity gospel huckster Paula White-Cain has been peddling her Lie of lies – the First Fruits offering scam.   Decades of conning naive church folk out of their finances has finally caught up with this charlatan who masquerades as an evangelical minister.  Like Candlewick and Pinocchio in Disney’s 1940 animated classic Pinocchio, Paulacchio has also been divinely judged and turned into a heehawing jackass; a just punishment for an asinine fool who deceived herself into thinking that she could infinitely scam God’s people and get away with it. 

Today Mrs. Jonathan Cain can be heard incessantly braying from the verdant fields of Apopka Florida but no one is paying this dimwitted creature any mind, except the handful of poor souls at who are forced to listen to her noisome rants at New Destiny Christian Center Church. 

Come Inauguration Day 2017, Donald J. Trump will come to Washington D.C. to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.  President-elect Trump will make his triumphal entry into our nation’s capital much like Christ our Savior did, riding upon an ass (Zechariah 9:9; Matthew 21:1-11; John 12:12-15).  Mr. Trump’s ride? – Paula White-Cain aka Jackass One. 

To complicate matters, we the American people will now be forced be hear this donkette bray and call it pray.  Dr. Stott’s recommendation to POTUS; keep Air Force One and Marine One but ditch Jackass One!  

INAUGURATION DAY JACKASS – a must read, especially for President Trump and his White House staff.  

E-mail Dr. Titus T. Stott at to request your free copy of INAUGURATION DAY JACKASS on January 18, 2017.  

Titus T. Stott Ph.D., Th.D., D.D.

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