Thunder, An Elephant’s Journey, A Tale of Patience, Courage, and Wisdom…

PENSACOLA, FL – 10 Jan, 2017 –


Thunder: An Elephant’s Journey tells the story of a young African Pygmy elephant who struggles to survive in a world that seems out to destroy him and his kind. When poachers separate Thunder from his herd, he wants nothing more than to find his way back to them. Along the way, Thunder makes many friends. Their hijinks will keep children laughing and smiling as they also learn more about the challenges all of these animals face in our world.

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Erik Daniel Shein & L.M. Reker have a message that cannot be ignored. Animals are important to our world and their preservation has a global impact on all of us. As active members of the Arkwatch Foundation, some of the proceeds from sales will go to the Arkwatch Foundation whose mission is to prevent the depletion of rare animal and plant species.

The Arkwatch Foundation:

“Authors Erik Daniel Shein and L.M. Reker provide many lessons for both adults and young children to learn with issues of understanding, the environment, the need to protect endangered animals, friendships, understanding differences, learning about other animals and their survival skills and hoping that Thunder and his friends can teach us Uprights that everyone needs to find their own place of safety on earth and we need to share it as one in peace.” — Fran Lewis: Just reviews/MJ magazine FIVE GOLDEN STARS

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