Insta Ad Campaign Has Been Launched: A Perfect Solution For Marketers To Manage Ad Campaign For Higher Website Traffic

Insta Ad Campaign
Do you want to resolve all related problems of your customers, make more new liable customers and increase your revenue? If the answer is yes, then this brand new software called Insta Ad Campaign is the perfect product for you.

Insta Ad Campaign is a powerful software that boosts users’ revenue by giving them a simple interface to add Ad banners, Youtube videos and affiliated links. Marketers need not upload videos or work about creating banners. They will get pay per click benefits and easily track their advertisement usage through its unique address recognition algorithm.

The basic benefits you can reap from Insta Ad Campaign are:

• Charging for specific page/post
• Separating campaign report with various filtration options.
• Displaying different types of Ad Banners, different Page/Post.
• Charging your page/post with Ad Campaign.
• Creating unlimited Campaign listing packages.
• Different types of campaign with different angles
• Ad Banners with various types options.
• Multi supports working with track audiences.

Insta Ad Campaign
will help users analyze their website traffic. The product is also designed to show them live stats with real-time traffic. Marketers can analyze their per post/page traffic by GEO location setting and track them properly. Moreover, the system will help its users analyze the highest traffic receiving page of their website and use them to get higher profits.

Some of the most prominent and useful features available on Insta Ad Campaign are:

Analytical & Graphical Dashboard: This feature allows users to analyze their unique, live & total visitors with different graphical representation. Users can check their ranking and position with the help of top page counts and earn meter.

Informatics Traffic Stats: Here you will find complete information about any viewer/visitor.

Real Time Tracker & GEO Location: Users are allowed to see real-time traffic with their GEO location, IP address, country, & city. Moreover, they can analyze the area of interest of their visitors.

Search Filter Stats: This feature lets the user analyze his/her top searched pages and posts, estimate earning from those pages and posts as well as filter stats between two dates and find top factor for their website with the help of filter stats setting, filter your viewers, visits, and reviews.

Boost Ad Campaign: After marketers finish analyzing traffic and visitor’s interest on their website. They can increase the visibility of the most visited page by inserting Insta Ad campaign on that.

Use Different Types Of Angles: Marketerscan also use Insta Ad Campaign for different purposes. This is a perfect tool if you want to have a multi-purpose website. The product is tested, 100% safe and secure.

The SEO friendly WP Plugin: The system will boost marketers’ SEO, which will help them improve their online presence and prominence in Google.

Visual Composer Plugin Compatibility: This feature allows users to attach this powerful plugin with any WP theme. This plugin will help users improve ranking and generate higher revenue.

This tool can help marketers generate higher revenue through their website, and this will be possible in just a few simple steps. Insta Ad Campaign starts working in just a single click install. Moreover, these online businesses can earn more from small audiences without requiring other API key and no recurring payment for other analytical tools and AdSense.

In a nutshell, Insta Ad Campaign is the perfect solution for marketers to deal with their online marketing and learning problems. Users don’t have to pay again and again, just pay once and get beneficial access for a life-time.

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