The Doctor’s Lawyer: A Discussion with Kevin E. Byrnes

Washington, DC – January 10, 2017 – It is becoming increasingly common for medical practitioners to open a solo or small partnership, independent of a hospital conglomerate. Building your own medical practice allows you to increase your profitability while providing you with more control over your patients care and experience through proper staffing. However, when building your support team, there is one crucial component oft forgotten- your attorney. 

Why Do Doctors Need Lawyers on their Team?

We asked DC Attorney Kevin E. Byrnes to explain. “Today’s medical professional faces a dizzying array of business issues, employment rules and regulations, enhanced standards of care, confidentiality rules, leasing and ownership issues, staffing concerns, licensure requirements, and state/local oversight,” he clarifies. “To be a successful medical professional, you need a competent legal professional on your team so that you can be confident you are maintaining compliance while you focus on providing outstanding medical care.” 

While doctors occasionally need legal assistance with issues such as malpractice and other patient issues, the real value in having a legal partner for your medical practice is that they can handle many of the “business” issues that arise during the daily life of your firm. Most doctors are unfamiliar with the requirements for setting up an LLC, how to draft employment agreements, or what to do when you are ready to sell your practice. 

I Can’t Afford to Hire a Full Time Attorney- What are my Options?

The Law Offices of Kevin Byrnes works as a virtual in-house counsel for medical professionals, allowing them to use his services as needed without having to hire a full-time attorney to their staff. This type of agreement means that you have someone who has your back when you need them, but that you don’t have to pay when you don’t. We highly recommend this type of flexible partnership, especially for new medical professionals or those who are just entering the world of entrepreneurship. 

Connect Early for Maximum Results

It is better to find the medical business lawyer who is right for you and your business before you need one. By having someone on board as early in the business creation process as possible, you can not only reduce the risk of needing a lawyer later on, you can also respond quickly with immediate action if you do need an attorney on your side. The more familiar an attorney is with you, your practice, and your routines, the more prepared they will be to protect your interests. 

If you need legal assistance with your medical practice, call Mr. Byrnes at (202) 831-2261 for your free consultation.

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