Explanation Session of International Block Chain Strategy and Global Release Conference of Financial System Based on Standard Digital Currency

On January 8th, 2016, Explanation Session of Block Chain Strategy and Global Release Conference of Financial System Based on Standard Digital Currency co-hosted by Guiyang City Government and Puerbank Group was successfully held in Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, the US, at the same time as Science and Technology Summit of  North American Block Chain. Distinguished guests were present at the conference. They are Wang Yuxiang—Deputy Mayor of Guiyang City Government, Wu Bin-Deputy Chairman of the board of directors from Severn Star Group, Brock Pierce– Bitcoin Foundation Board Chairman, Liu Wenxian–Guiyang Zhongchou Finance Exchange Board Chairman, Cao Feng–Deputy Board Chairman in Guiyang Handechuangke Investment Corporation Ltd., Wang Hengzhuang—Board Chairman of Guiyang Guishan Funds Management Corporation Ltd., Jiang An— Secretary General in Guiyang Internet Finance Association,  Wu Yuanwen–Guiyang Jingtong Network Science and Technology Co. Ltd., Etc. Foreign guests were present as well. They are Bill Barhydt–Creator of Abra Company, Ed Felten–White House Chief Technology Officer and Princeton professor, Susan Athey–Co-director of Digital Business and Economics Professor in Stanford Research Institute, Toni Lance Casserly. TLC. – Consultant of Bitcoin and block chain technology, and other experts in different areas. Puerbank Group Board chairman, Mr. Ye Qiang attended the conference as co-sponsor and made deep-in communication with the guest present at the conference.

Online block chain celebrity, Mr. Liuwenxian was specially invited to be the guest host at the release conference, who had distinguished himself at Puerbank 129 Summit Forum with his humorous and calm touch as a host. Guiyang Zhongchou Finance Exchange created by Mr. Liu is an important cooperator of Puerbank Group, who cooperate PBAM-Puerbank Assets Market. Mr. Wang Yuxiang was first invited to represent a topic report on “International Development Strategy of Guiyang Block Chain”. Mr. Mayor said, I am much honored to have communications with so many experts in the area of block chain and have benefited a lot from the speeches from them. White Paper for the Development and Application of Guiyang Block Chain was officially released on December 31st, 2016. It is a generally designed blueprint for the application of block chain in government affairs, people’s livelihood and commercial development, at the same time, a declaration of the preliminary and brave exploration made by Guiyang City Government. Furthermore, it is “a post for the talents” and “an invitation for the heroes”. Guiyang is pursuing all the practitioners in the block chain industry. We came over here to send out our sincerest invitation, hoping to obtain attention and involvement of the talents in the development and construction of Guiyang block chain industry.” Mr. Mayor made a specific introduction of the application cluster of block chain landing in Guiyang and also a set of industry-supporting system being hard put up by Guiyang City Government, including platform support, policy support, finance support, talent support and promotion support. Mr. Mayor concluded with “times makes heroes and storms attract riders”. Guiyang is standing at a new start point and making efforts to forge a global block data city, a global block chain highland with sovereignty and a global financial center of big data block chain. Guiyang welcomes everyone to practice your specific block chain theory and to release your ideal of industrial development.

Bitcoin foundation Board chairman, Mr. Brock Pierce gave a lively speech, who unveiled his three-stage mental journey of the investment of block chain. In the first stage, he invested in pure Bitcoin enterprises. In the second, he turned his attention to block chain enterprises with more expanded value. And for the third stage, his attention was more focused to block chain application enterprises. So far, Mr. Block together with Severn Star Group invested 44 block chain enterprises and traced 70 relative enterprises. Mr. Brock showed that he is much concerned about China’s block chain application market and hoped to introduce all the enterprises he traced into China and link the application between China and the US.

Then Mr. Liu Wenxian went to the stage again and demonstrated the charm of Guiyang in person. He said that he is now a “Guiyang Drifter” instead of a “Beijing Drifter” like before. He illustrated his feelings as a “Guiyang Drifter”—there is freshest air, beautiful mountains and waters, best big data and industrial environment of block chain. He had expectation of peers in US as well as China coming to Guiyang and promoting the development of block chain industry hand in hand.

Board chairman Mr. Ye Qiang made a joke with Mr. Brock shortly after Brock’s affectionate expression to Guiyang. He said, “Mr. Brock, you are a destined capitalist of block chain in Chinese version.” Everyone Smiled heartedly. The topic speech by Mr. Ye Qiang illustrates Puerbank Group standard digital financial system from 7 aspects. Firstly, the official released White Paper for Standard Digital Currency Version 2.0 is an upgraded version after lots of updating and perfection work, with perfected, novel and original business mode of standard digital currency. The standard system gets clearer describing: The standard system is an ecological system, in which the specific combined commodity is considered as standard assets, anchored with digital assets with encryption into digital currency, together with the digital assets circulation under application context of block chain. Secondly, source opening is the essential strategy. Through the establishment of open sources system of digital assets, the primitive distribution of digital currency is achieved. He who owns the assets owns the currency, to realize the autonomous system of consensus, co-management and disperse centers. Puerbank Group has completed source opening and supplementing of hundred billions of assets. Thirdly: Harmony and inclusiveness. Mr. Ye Qiang showed his expectation of the co-existence of “digital legal tender and private digital currency”. The private digital currency gains rapid speed in development based on block chain technologies since its creation so as to become the cornerstone in developing digital currency by central banks in different countries.

It is a current situation that digital legal tender co-exists with private digital currency, whose pathway to supervision and governing should be: through abundant market competitions, optimizing the public’s attractiveness to private digital currency and the capabilities of self-control and self-governing (similar to Germany’s policy), completing the design and argumentation of supervision regulations. Mr. Ye Qiang held that “standard system” is the most effective concept and plan to promote the market competiveness of private digital currency. Fourthly, token application is the best tool of digitalize physical assets. Puerbank’s core business is the development and promotion of token applications. On January 9th, we are going to promote 7 mature token applications specific to 8 celebrated enterprises, facing hundred thousands of customer groups, with token assets volume amounting to around 34 million RMB. Fifthly, trade. Another Puerbank Group’ core theory is “assets swap” besides “standard system”. We hope to trace from the traditional finance system centered by currency back to the bartering time. The digital assets finish assets circulation without the medium of traditional currency. Therefore, we promote the trading system “PBAM”, covering such functional modules as browser system of block chain data, settlement system, trading system, exchange system, ICO system, Risk Management system and cloud strategy funds tools, etc.  

Sixthly, The block chain browser is the main entrance to the ecosystem of block chain constructed by Puerbank Group. The browser is able to provide the enterprises and developers with assets issue, transfer and inquiry services, and also provide the common public with assets purchase and exercise services. Consequently, Puerbank Group put forward the slogan and concept “every individual owns his or her own original block”. Seventhly, training and certification: block chain talent strategy. Mr. Ye Qiang put forward that this strategy goal is to realize the application of block chain and the construction of global ecosystem of digital assets, among which “talent” is the core production factor and “talent cultivation” becomes an important part and antecedence section in the strategy system. As a result, Puerbank Group designed “PBAM Certification Training System” with the practitioner certificate training goals of Lower Layer Technology Architect of Block Chain, PBAM Product Planner, PBAM Agent Issuer, PBAM Broker and PBAM investment consultant.

The release conference came to an end in warm and lively atmosphere. The sponsors released the download address of the two white papers. Puerbank Group is to open up the global strategy of block chain finance.

For more details, please focus on Puerbank Group’s live conferences in US and UK at https://www.puercoin.com/live_show.html

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