JUNO Smart Mirror Surpasses $300,000 On Kickstarter

Innovative mirror provides studio-grade lighting solution in compact, multi-functional design

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 1/10/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The JUNO Smart Mirror (www.thejuno.co) is pleased to announce that its Kickstarter campaign (http://bit.ly/junokickstarter) has exceeded 300,000 dollars in pledges. The campaign has also consistently ranked among Kickstarter’s best-performing projects.

“We are excited to see the response we have received for our campaign,” said Mira Torres, one of the creators of the JUNO Smart Mirror. “Most of all, we’re proud to see the tremendous support from women in bringing this to life.” More than 75 percent of JUNO’s 4,100 backers are women on a site where more than 80 percent of backers are typically men.

The JUNO Smart Mirror provides three true light settings, including natural sunlight, evening and indoors. Unlike conventional makeup mirrors, the JUNO Smart Mirror allows for flawless makeup application under any light setting you might encounter throughout the day.

“With additional contributions, we can take some of the amazing feedback we’ve been receiving and incorporate it into the final JUNO Smart Mirror we deliver,” said Torres. “For example, our backers have already helped us unlock stretch goals that we’ve co-created such as a rechargeable battery component.”

JUNO backers can expect a variety of rewards on a first-come-first-serve basis. Backers who pledge five dollars or more will receive an exclusive JUNO-designed makeup sponge, and early bird backers can still receive the JUNO Smart Mirror with a pledge of 59 dollars (a 20 dollar discount from the anticipated retail price).

For more information, please contact Amy at amy@thejuno.co.  

About JUNO:  JUNO is a community-driven beauty brand that reinvents the way we see beauty through essential products that are simple to use, affordable, and exclusive to JUNO. Our mission is to help each person discover their extraordinary qualities with the right tools, information, and inspiration. For more information, visit us at www.thejuno.co

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