Earrings and Body Jewellery From the Body Jewellery Available In Many Forms

Information On Ear Piercings Is Included

January 11, 2017 – Many people are looking to spend the New Year finding ways to make themselves look better or to stand out from the rest of the pack. The Body Jewellery Shop website is aiming to help people find different body jewelry products to help them look their best.

The website is currently marketing a vast variety of body Jewellery products. These include earrings that are designed in many ways.

This comes as more people around the country are becoming more common place around the United Kingdom. It is not fully clear as to how many people got their ears pierced every this past year. But it is estimated according to the British Medical Journal or BMJ that the median number of piercings on each person in the UK is around 1.7. This has prompted the Body Jewellery Shop to go all out with marketing its products.

The website currently offers blog posts and other reports on piercings and how they work. This includes a fully detailed look at ear piercings and how they are designed to work in many ways. People can visit the site to learn about conch, daith, helix, tragus, snug and scaffold piercings among many others. Ear weaving is also covered on the site.

Each page dedicated to different piercings lists information on how long it would take to recover from certain piercings and what can be done to handle piercing sites.

Each section also has a variety of products for people to look into. The Body Jewellery Shop sells many earrings for different types of piercings. These include items made with titanium and surgical steel materials among other clean and hygienic materials. These all come in many colours as well.

The site is selling its earrings with free shipping on orders of £10 or more. There are also options to find earrings in different sizes and gauge totals. The larger options typically cost more although the totals are varied. These totals are listed on the main website on each product page.

This is only a small portion of what the website has to offer. It also has body Jewellery for the lips, nose, tongue and even for male and female genitals alike.

About the site:

The Body Jewellery Shop is a website that sells a variety of earrings and other pieces of body jewellery that are designed with many piercings in mind. The Watford-based website has information on piercings and types off jewelry that are suitable for all types of piercing sites.

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