Balance Point – A Place to Go When the Western Healthcare Fails to Help

Sometimes even the best modern medical practices might be unable to help fight some conditions. Balance Point, a clinic of traditional Chinese medicine offers their services in the treatment of chronic pain, infertility, and other ailments in the BC area.

Balance Point is a clinic in Kelowna, BC, that focuses on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in particular. The facility offers services to those who seek an alternative to the regular Western treatments. Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient practice that has proven its efficiency over the centuries and shown impressing results in combating common conditions that are extremely difficult to treat, such as:

• Chronic pain
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Infertility
• Joint problems

In essence, this practice is aimed to fight a variety of chronic conditions that can only be controlled through the drugs and traditional healthcare practices of today. The Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture have been evolving for over 4000 years and resulted in the creation of multiple fascinating and effective practices that combine the power of herbs and manipulation of Qi.

The mysterious Qi is the energy that flows through the body, as believed by the practitioners of Chinese medicine. If this flow is interrupted by an ailment, the doctor of the Chinese medicine would focus on restoring its natural route through massage and/or acupuncture. The treatment can be complemented with the healing power of various herbs.

Acupuncture Training in the 21st Century

Despite the medical advancements available in this day and age, the ancient practice of the traditional Chinese medicine remains popular, and in fact, gathers more supporters with every passing year. The residents of the Okanagan Valley and the southern area of BC have an opportunity to test the efficiency of these practices in person at the Balance Point clinic. The reason why this particular facility stands out among the dozens of Chinese massage and acupuncture parlors is that it actually employs accredited doctors.

The leading professionals of Balance Point are Travis McIndoe (TCMP) and Vivi Wu (Yin Wei Wu). Both of them received specialized training in acupuncture and herbalist treatments. These professionals hold the certificates from the Taiwan International Medical Training Center, Zhe Zhang University of Chinese Medicine, and Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, and some other training facilities in Asia. Years of experience and a wide array of skills allows these doctors to offer top-quality services to every patient. The treatment plan is developed on an individual basis to increase its efficiency.

Balance Point is a registered medical facility specializing in Acupuncture, Chronic pain, and Fertility.

Contact the clinic directly or visit their website at to learn more about their services and rates. 

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