Seekmetrics: Seeking Facebook & Instagram Analytics

A New Website For Facebook & Instagram Analytics

London, United Kingdom – Seekmetrics has announced the launching of its new website where people will be able to measure and analyze Facebook and Instagram content. The website helps in analyzing content performance, competitor insights, helps in exporting the data that has been analyzed and also tells the best time to post content in order to reach most of the target audience.  The customer reviews regarding the website services and functions has been phenomenal and exceptional. The website is first of its kind to provide free Instagram analytics and free Facebook analytics to improve engagement.

Seekmetrics has exciting features free of cost for everyone, it is linked with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, it can give competitor`s data which comes handy in establishing one` business and profile in a better way, in addition to this the website helps in saving and exporting data and insights into its CSV and the exports per month are unlimited. The website refreshes its data every hour, it can give particular analytics of Facebook and Instagram profiles by giving details of average likes, engagement rate, daily activity, best time to post, filters used, average comments along with exporting data.

The founders of Seekmetrics are confident and hopeful about the success and outreach of their website that promises to make Facebook and Instagram analytics fun and easy. Seekmetrics is bound to make it a memorable experience for everyone around the globe. Everyone from any background, race and language is welcome to join the site. The site is free to join for everyone and is user friendly; the sign up process is done in a couple of minutes.

Daily insights are in graphical and pictorial form as well for the ease of users. Competitor Insights helps in learning which brands and how brands are performing by analyzing their content and engagement and hence help users in understanding their weak and strong areas. Testimonials at Seekmetrics website from the customers shows the popularity and liking of the website, Seekmetrics has it all and it  is going to be one of the famous social networking sites in the coming years and it is bound to make a mark.

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