JilGyungYi, the Best Feminine Hygiene product, is now reaching further through Expos!

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HA U DONG CHUN (HUDC Co., Ltd.), a feminine hygiene manufacturer(Inside toal care) known as a JilGyungYi (JGY) provider, is now reaching further throughout global Expos!

HUDC’s remarkable technology is specialized in female’s health, focusing on intimate health care.

As a proof of the expertise, HUDC is world’s very first company who obtained a patent for vaginitis, vaginal laxity, and vaginal dryness by one brand, JilGyungYi.

Every woman’s concern such as vaginitis treatment, dark skin tone, vaginal contraction & dryness, discharge & ordor, and irritation will be solved by JGY, which is based on self-purification system by natural ingredients.

By women’s love from Korea, JGY’s domestic sales reached $9 million in 2016.

Having confidence in its outstanding technology, HUDC will introduce JGY to the world again through Expos in 2017, hoping to support healthier life for more women.

2017 CIBE(Spring) / china / 2017. 3.9~3.11

2017 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bolona / Italy / 2017. 3.17~3.20

2017 Beijing Beauty Expo / china / 2017. 4.17~4.19

2017 Beautyworld Japan / japan / 2017. 5.15~5.17

2017 Beauty Fair / Brazil / 2017. 9.9~9.12




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