Mahmoud Shalaby Offering Help For Those Looking To Overcome Obstacles

Three Coaching Programs Available With Various Goals Involved

January 13, 2017 – Motivation expert and coach Mahmoud Shalaby is promoting a series of new coaching programs dedicated to helping people get the most out of their lives. Shalaby uses his life experiences to help people overcome the obstacles that they face in their daily lives.

Mahmoud Shalaby was left as a quadriplegic more than a decade ago following an accident at a police training school in Egypt. Over the years, he has discovered what it takes to will together a more powerful mindset. This includes understanding what it takes to help people who want to take advantage of the potentials that they hold.

Shalaby has been working hard to be a more prominent figure in Egypt and has especially influenced people as the world’s first licensed quadriplegic scuba diver. He has also become the world’s first quadriplegic horseback rider and continues to enjoy this activity regularly.

He is also showing that he is a more powerful person than what many might think he is. He is also the world’s first quadriplegic independent swimmer and is even the world’s first quadriplegic sand boarder. His work in being independent and positive have made him Egypt’s #1 positive influential of 2016.

Shalaby’s goal is to help people discover their motivations and to change their mindsets around for the better. His especially places an emphasis on self-acceptance while also setting sensible and measurable goals that people can attain over time. Shalaby has taken the obstacles that he has faced in the past years and turned them into opportunities for him to live a better and more prosperous life.

Shalaby has three particular coaching programs. The first is Awaken Your Resilience, a program that entails overcoming one’s fears and traumas and developing a better and more focused life. This is available to all although it is also recommended to those who are disabled who are aiming to improve upon their lives. Much of this especially entails identifying the emotional and mental barriers that cause people to become stuck in their lives.

The second program is called Change Your Positive Meaning. This is about understanding how to change the meanings of different things in one’s life that cause bothersome and unpleasant experiences.

The Change Your Ability program is the third of his programs. It is about setting goals based on what someone is passionate about and figuring out what to do to attain a stronger and more prosperous life.

The work that Mahmoud Shalaby has performed as a means of helping other people has made a true difference in the lives of others. People aiming to change their lies and improve upon who they are will be encouraged to take a closer look at the programs he has to offer.

About Mr. Shalaby:

Mahmoud Shalaby is a motivational speaker and life coach based out of Egypt. He is a certified NLP coach from the American Board of NLP and also holds certifications from the Meta-Coach Foundation and Transformations International. He offers various programs to help people understand their goals and to identify obstacles that they can clear from their mindsets.

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