Anthony’s Espresso: The Ultimate Toronto Resource for a Delonghi, Saeco, and Breville Espresso Machine

To some, espresso is the perfect example of everything that is good about coffee, only more so. The difference between regular coffee and espresso doesn’t lie in the beans or the type of roast used. Instead, creating the ideal cup of espresso depends on the machine used and the ability to extract the richer flavour that makes espresso what it is. Anthony’s Espresso is the ideal resource for Toronto residents and businesses looking for the best Delonghi, Saeco, or Breville espresso machine to meet their specific needs.

Anthony’s also sells semi-professional and commercial espresso machines for those businesses that make selling or serving espresso on a large scale a regular part of their service. These brands include Expobar, Nuova Simonelli, Espressa, and Philips-Saeco.

Anthony’s Espresso ( has been providing Delonghi, Saeco, and Breville espresso machines to Toronto residents since 2000, during which time they have grown their reputation for their knowledge of espresso along with the beans and accessories their clients need to keep making top quality espresso. By focusing only on espresso, they have been able to create a higher level of espresso expertise.

Anyone who knows anything about espresso knows that a Delonghi, Saeco, or Breville espresso machine is designed with the quality craftsmanship to reach the high temperatures needed to extract the full flavour from the coffee bean. Anthony’s offers a variety of these machines to ensure every need is met with the quality product that is nothing short of the best.

The long list of accessories offered at Anthony’s includes liquid dealers, stainless steel spoons, espresso cups, espresso machine parts, water filters, pitchers, tampers, and more. There is no better place to shop for espresso machines, beans, and accessories in all of Canada than the family-owned store with a genuine passion for providing their clients with everything they need to make the best cup of espresso possible. In addition, they offer free shipping on orders over $69 in Canada so that the equipment purchased from them becomes even more affordable.

About Anthony’s Espresso Equipment

Anthony’s Espresso Equipment ( machines, repair, espresso beans, and accessories to coffee lovers throughout Ontario. The company has been in business since early in 2000, carrying a variety of automatic and manual espresso machines that a number of Canadian residents and businesses already have in use. The feature that sets Anthony’s apart from the competition is that they have in-depth knowledge about espresso and they deal only with products related to espresso.

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