Kris Degioia Starts New Campaign on Cyberstalking

A Focus on Understanding the Signs and Effects of Cyberstalking

January 13, 2017Kris Degioia has launched a new campaign dedicated to understanding cyberstalking and cyberbullying. The new campaign is entitled Know It, Name It, Stop It.

This new campaign is being promoted as a means of helping people to understand the concerns of cyberstalking and that it is a significant danger. Degioia is aiming to help people understand that her story isn’t uncommon and that the threats and impact of cyberstalking and bullying are real.

Degioia was victimized by a cyberstalker in the early part of the decade. She was pursued by individuals who aimed to steal her information and share it with others. While her case had been sealed after the trial relating to it ended in 2014.

Degioia says that cyberstalking took much of her life away from her. She has been bearing with social anxiety problems and hasn’t been able to trust people easily. In fact, she had been a very social person prior to the cyberstalking incident.

Degiola got her life back after being a victim of cyberstalking by starting up her social media marketing firm and starting the Awareness campaign and worked as a senior VP of marketing at Google for 10 years. 

Her newest endeavor is CSI Awareness, an organization devoted to understanding cyberbullying and cyberstalking. This is where the Know It, Name It, Stop It campaign comes into play.

The campaign entails many points on understanding the signs of cyberstalking, how to be safe online and what can be done in the event that cyberstalking is found. Emotional support is also being made available to those who have been victimized by cyberstalkers.

Degioia has stated that she is amazed at how many people have responded to her campaign. She understands that cyberstalking is a real problem that many people from all walks of life face. She is hoping that her story can turn into a positive as she looks to help people who are suffering from serious issues relating to cyberstalking. She is hoping to do the most with her platform to help people understand the risks of cyberstalking and what can be done to keep this from being a serious threat to one’s life. She also partnered with Women’s Survivors Alliance.

About: Kris Degioia is the founder of WTF MultiMedia, a Nashville-based social media marketing firm. She is also the founder of CSI Awareness, an organization which focuses on preventing cyberbullying and cyberstalking and helping victims of such actions.

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