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USA – 14 Jan, 2017 – There is an epidemic of student suicides across America due to bullying, stress and mental illness.

Every school and community struggles with what to do.  A systematic approach must include parents, schools, the community and health care resources working together.

But the first step is preventive mental health education which until now has not existed anywhere for anyone. Unfortunately, despite teachers being ideally placed to witness student suffering, they rarely have any mental health training. Not denying the importance of stress, the majority of suicides involve mental illness.

This results in tragic suicides, and students with bullying, depression, anxiety disorders and suicidal feelings only asking for help after they have crashed and burned.

You may not know these statistics about mental illness:
• 25% of people are affected
• these illnesses onset in 20% of people before age 24
• 70% of them don’t know what’s wrong so they don’t ask for help
• 15% of untreated persons with depression commit suicide
• 90% of adults with ADHD are never treated (despite excellent treatment being available)
• the average delay from diagnosis to treatment is 10 years

The challenge schools face is to provide effective, easily deliverable and inexpensive mental health educational programs.

The Middle, High School, and College Anti-Suicide Webinars are now available.

These powerful programs use videos, animations, graphics and narrated slides to engage and hold adolescents’ attention. All the major mental health problems are addressed which include stress, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and suicide.

The benefits of this innovative and systematic teaching includes:

• the first systematic preventive mental health education
• dispels the fear and mythology around mental health problems so youth come forward earlier
• early recognition of symptoms which permits earlier intervention and much-reduced suffering
• promotes hope by explaining the effectiveness of treatment
• encourages youth to start talking about their problems
• involvement of parents (who often suffer from the same disorders)
• rapid implementation
• no demands on staff time or resources
• a suggested preventive mental health program is offered

The cost of the webinars is only $1 per person.

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