Griffin Commercial Offers Affordable Space Rental In Singapore

Griffin Commercial makes looking for office space in Singapore a breeze. The real estate website focuses on providing its clients with the most affordable price and strategic location in the city-state.

Aiming to provide business clients and new entrepreneurs in finding the right space for their operations, Griffin Commercial has managed to focus plainly on consolidating shophouses and offices for the past 15 years. 

The company has managed to bank on Singapore’s flourishing economy, which makes it one of the hotspots for new office and shop rentals. In the recent years, Griffin Commercial has recorded an increasing number of clients from Southeast Asia inquiring about the possibility of renting a commercial space in Singapore. 

“Since we started, we have continuously seen a steady growth in our clients, as well as successful businesses in Singapore. This is why we are working hard each time to improve our database of properties to serve our growing clientele better,” a press statement from Griffin Commercial states. 

The company likewise boasts of affordable rates despite a amidst the relatively expensive Singapore prices. This is achieved by having direct contact with landlords, instead of merely relying on property advertisements. With this, all properties featured in the Griffin Commercial website are acquired both through direct contacts and legit advertisement. 

“We are also able to negotiate the prices of the properties with the property owners, so that’s why we are able to provide are clients with a cheaper fee,” a statement from the website says while adding that small savings from a long-term rental can already go a long way for a business. 

The website interface of Griffin Commercial is also designed to make the property search easier. For instance, a potential renter can conveniently indicate their rental budget before the list of the appropriate properties are revealed. Professional representatives from Griffin Commercial are also on board to assist in filtering the options, as well as in negotiating with the landlords. 

The company is open for more property rental discussions. They can be reached through (+65) 6522 8292.

Media Contact
Company Name: Griffin Commercial
Contact Person: Raymond Lau
Phone: +65 6522 8292
Country: Singapore