Guangzhou PSB destroyed a garment network producing and selling counterfeit brands

Recently, Guangzhou PSB associated ROY IP successfully organized a cluster campaign against counterfeiting famous brand garments and destroyed a garment network that producing, storing, and selling. Two producing counterfeit goods gangs were destroyed. 6 suspects were captured. 4 dens were destroyed. More than 20 thousand pieces of garments counterfeiting “adidas” were seized. Involved value reached over 10,000,000 RMB.

After receiving case report from ROY IP, Yuexiu PSB conducted special investigation team. According to clue, they quickly found a plant in Panyu. The plant is a five-story building and let to different tenants. In order to confirm the warehouse information, policemen and investigators of ROY IP searched and found the warehouse was at 2/F in the building. Quickly, PSB locked main suspects Zhang * Yi, Zhang * Lang and Wang * Lang, husband of Zhang * Yi.

PSB collected evidences of suspect and waited near the den. Afterwards, PSB had amounts of crime evidences of the gang. However, two main suspect Zhang * Yi and Zhang * Lang were crafty and did not go to the warehouse for a long time. Their tracking was hard to find.

When knowing suspect Zhang * Yi arrived at the factory, PSB conducted capturing plan. PSB were divided into three groups. One group captured suspect Zhang * Yi, one group went to captured other suspects, and the other group went to search in the warehouse. PSB captured Zhang * Yi, Zhang * Lang and other 4 suspects.

Through inquest, PSB learnt they had had another warehouse in Nancun. When PSB arrived at the new warehouse, they found all were counterfeit garments. When Zhang knew the first warehouse was checked, they asked workers to ready to transfer garments in the second warehouse.

In above two warehouses, totally 20000 pieces of garments were seized. Involved value reached 10000 thousand RMB.

Quickly, PSB captured suspect Zhang * Yi. With capturing of suspect, the case was clear. Suspects organized workers to produce counterfeit “adidas” garments and then stored in a warehouse in a small village in Guangzhou. They purchased online order system from Network Company and provided account, password to customers. They employed workers to receive orders in warehouse. Every noon, workers in the warehouse sorted and counted goods according to orders and then transported goods to dealers in Guangzhou by minibus. These dealers sold counterfeit garments to the whole China even abroad through physical store or online store.

According to suspects, they started to sell counterfeit “Adidas” garments in Guangzhou garment wholesale market from 2012. Zhang * Yi worked in a garment factory in Guangzhou and knew progress of garment producing and contacted some relatives to produce counterfeit garments in a small village in Panyu. With expanding of business, Zhang * Yi asked her brother and husband to operate together. Her brother, Zhang * Lang was a driver of taxi. He though her sister could earned money through business, so he took part in to do business. Other members of the gang almost were relatives, friends of Zhang. Their relationship is close.

Selling method of the gang is “retailer”, and then storing sales. At first, they contacted through QQ group. In order to sell convenience, they rented server and bought order system. After login, customers could saw styles, colors, prices and other information of garments and bought according their requirement. Workers printed lists according to orders, packaged garments and then delivered goods directly or through logistics. Activities of the gang formed producing, supplying, and selling of counterfeit garments services.

According to PSB, these counterfeit garments is high fake simulation. Styles, color, clothes all were very like quality goods. They had hang tag, trademark, and package. Customers were hard to distinguish. Suspect also bought counterfeit purchase invoice, shopping list to support selling online.

The prime cost of these counterfeit garments were from 20 to 110 RMB. They added about 50 RMB to sell to dealers. However, price of quality one is hundreds to thousands RMB one piece. Through online-store, suspect could sold over 1000 pieces of counterfeit garments every day and illegal profit over 10000 RMB.

The gang is concealed and sold online. Through effort of ROY IP and PSB, all suspects were captured.

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