Pedro Langa leading a new Company Revolutionizing Bagged Salad Market in U.S.

Terra’s Garden causing chatter as it unrolls innovative Terra Pure process, organic wash, and fresh salads

DORAL, FLORIDA – JANUARY 17, 2017 – People across the country are talking about Terra’s Garden as the company continues its rollout. Thus far, the company has released its bagged salads in select locations and plans to launch its Spring Mix and Purely Romaine varieties, as well as other selections, in new locations. Terra’s Garden is becoming known for more than just its fresh, crisp bagged salads.

Amid health scares across the country due to food contamination, Pedro Langa leading Terra’s Garden has pioneered a brand new way to clean fresh salad mixes. The company’s Terra Pure system is a special process that offers an innovative organic wash in combination with gentle brushing techniques and strong redundant filtration developed by Pedro Langa. Together, this process leaves salad mixes clean and crisp without needing to be handled by people. This means that salads are cleaner than ever without having to risk cross contamination from human hands, thanks to the Terra Pure automated process. While the industry currently calls for triple washes, Terra’s Garden goes beyond the standard to provide clean greens that can always be trusted to go straight from bag to bowl.

While Terra’s Garden launched with a few popular salad mixes, the company says that it’s not limited to just salads. In fact, the Terra’s Garden team says that its products can vary from fresh strawberries, kale, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, romaine lettuce, spring mix, cilantro, parsley, herbs, and more.

Terra’s Garden currently has no competition on the U.S. market due to the Terra Pure cleansing process and the proprietary organic wash that is used to ensure each and every single product is completely clean before going out to consumers.

People across the country are anticipating the exciting new brand, which will soon be available in even more storefronts. Terra’s Garden is a social enterprise with a humanitarian-driven foundation, and the company is looking for ways to improve the market while offering its technologies to those in need. For instance, the company has offered its organic wash to third world countries to help decontaminate food sources.

In addition, Terra’s Garden has plans to open a salad bar that will offer high-quality ingredients and world-class chefs.

Meanwhile, people are enjoying the healthy salad options available in stored from Terra’s Garden.

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About Terra’s Garden

Terra’s Garden offers US grown spring mix and romaine lettuce that are cleaned using the company’s proprietary cleansing formula and five-step process. 

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