Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Interviews 3DBioCAD’s Creator on how Their Efforts will Revitalize the Dental Industry with Digital Dentistry

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Los Angeles, CA – January 17, 2017 — Kathy Ireland, host of the award-winning TV show Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is joined by VP of Technical Development Charles Park, and Senior Technical Advisor Kevin Black from 3DBioCAD as they discuss how they help the dental industry become more productive and profitable with their CAD/CAM technology.

Founded in 1985, 3DBioCAD is a very early adopter of CAD/CAM technology. After the 2007 recession, many people began to see dental work as elective, and decided to put it off in favor of other things. The dental industry saw yet another blow when prices of gold rose, making it that much harder for dentists to secure a precious material for their work. This became a perfect storm of problems for dentists, and forced a lot of dentists to send their business off-shore to China.

When asked what his company could do to fix this problem, VP of Technical Development Charles Park explained, “Today, high-strength ceramics are being replaced. CAD/CAM technology allow us to reduce our labor and allow us to make better restorations using new materials other than gold. Due to CAD/CAM technology, and our new materials, the crown price dropped by 2/3, which allows us to better serve as dentists at the price point they were seeking.” By using digital dentistry technology produced by 3DBioCAD, dentists have a greater degree of control and understanding in the creation of the crown, ensuring better customer satisfaction as well.

Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business, JL Haber, is excited to see this new, relatively inexpensive process come to fruition. “Being less dependent on resources that have a propensity to fluctuate in terms of their value is always a good thing.  I am glad to see solutions like 3DBioCAD coming in to reduce our reliance on these kinds of materials.”

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