My Internet Education Masters Training Courses for Business Start-Ups

A brand new makeover of the internet based company My Internet Education provides a shift in focus on new educational offerings for small business owners and entrepreneurs. According to the website, courses now cover many aspects of doing business in today’s tech-centric world such as: branding, internet traffic, and creating written content for blogs and websites.

“Shifting our focus to teaching small business owners how to achieve their desired level of success has really allowed us to hone in on their needs,” said co-founder Mike Antoni. “Here at MIE, we believe that the entrepreneur is the backbone of this country’s economy and recent recovery from recession. I can’t emphasize enough how important they are. That’s why I’m so pleased to be in this line of work. Each time we help a client grow their business, it’s a win for everyone.”

It’s an often mentioned statistic that half of all new business fail within the first five years of operation. My Internet Education would like to change that number and see more businesses succeed. They see the right education as what makes the difference between success and failure for most of these small businesses, but they don’t believe education has to take place in a classroom—or include a hefty price tag.

The revamp took place early this year and provides consumers with a genuine source of information, in a market often filled with too much hype and too many scams. The courses are described as “straightforward” and provide customers with end-products that they can plug right into their businesses. A perusal of the website shows the company is offering solutions to both new business owners and experienced entrepreneurs. Courses range in price from $100 and up.

In addition to the courses offered, My Internet Education also offers a complete training package that includes the support of an experienced coach to answer questions and provide guidance to clients. Video trainings and webinars are also a part of this package.

Pride in his company is apparent in Mr. Antoni’s statement: “We’ve really created something special here at My Internet Education. This training system and membership program brings the best teachers and best instruction together to teach entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, and more — without having to set foot in a classroom.”

More information can be found on the company’s website or by calling 1-844-529-2480.

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