“JilGyungYi” Dominates Feminine Hygiene Markets

HA U DONG CHUN Co., Ltd., is pleased to announce that the firm expanded its global efforts around the world in 2016 and has successfully captured a substantial share of the market with its JilGyungYi, Inside Beauty Care brand in the feminine Hygiene market.

The company’s rapid growth is primarily due to an extremely loyal customer base. The JilGyungYi brand experienced a remarkable purchase rate of 66 percent across multiple markets, with two out of three consumers making two or more future purchases. Additionally, customers weren’t shy about sharing their satisfaction with the product across multiple social media channels. Well-known actress Han Chae-Young is the product’s ambassador in marketing advertisements.

JilGyungYi is a feminine cleansing brand for vaginal health and wellness that effectively works on vaginitis. Research has confirmed that the product suppresses the effect of the bacteria associated with vaginitis. Made with healthy and natural botanical ingredients, JilGyungYi alleviates odor and helps remove vaginal discharge while providing gentle, hypoallergenic cleansing. The feminine cleanser also works to moisturize and improve dark skin tone while enhancing elasticity.

Lactic acid is essential in the female body to prevent the proliferation of bacteria that causes the unpleasant odor and itchiness of vaginitis. The ground-breaking technology used in the development of JilGyungYi is based on the best scientific knowledge to promote the production of lactic acid for long-lasting cleanliness and an effective remedy for vaginitis that maintains the body’s natural pH levels.

Patented in multiple countries, JilGyungYi has passed stringent safety and toxicology tests and is FDA-approved. The product has undergone extensive dermatological testing and is non-irritating to delicate skin. The product is available in original and premium forms and is offered through online and pharmacy distribution.

The number of genital inflammation cases has increased dramatically each year since 2007, providing HA U DONG CHUN Co., Ltd. with substantial expansion opportunities within the market. Sales have increased in Korea by 13.9 annually and by 4 percent worldwide. JilGyungYi is a consistent favorite, completely selling out 24 times in a row when offered on teleshopping networks and demonstrating a sales increase of 218 percent in 2014-2015.

JilGyungYi’s market domination and innovative formula led to HA U DONG CHUN Co., Ltd. being selected by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute as a consulting support business within the R&D department for the pharmaceuticals industry. JilGyungYi is safe for use by women of all ages, contains no antibiotics, artificial colors or fragrances, and is specifically tailored to the female life cycle to promote a healthy vaginal environment.


About HA U DONG CHUN  Co., Ltd.

HA U DONG CHUN Co., Ltd. is a leader in the feminine health and beauty industry. The introduction of its JilGyungYi product to the market provides women of all ages with a safe, reliable and effective means of maintaining vaginal health at every stage of their life.

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