PixelBolt – New WP Plugin to Grab Visitors’ attention by Utilizing Professional Graphical Source

When it comes to marketing, it is crucial to grab the first attention of prospects to make them become the potential customer afterward. Thereby, a new product called PixelBolt was created to bring video, logo, flyer, banner, t-shirt to its users for grabbing attention.

PixelBolt is a WordPress plugin designed to help their user to create videos, banner ad , logo, flyer, t-shirt and even a cafe menu in a short time. The fact that PixelBolt is a WordPress plugin will even make users easier to optimize their site because most of WordPress site user can easily create a website using WordPress.

However, by default, it does not have proper video and graphic editing tool. PixelBolt helps WP users solve that problem. It helps them create amazing graphics in minutes and even creating a video without having to wait for render or exporting.

Let have a look at part of the applications’s attributes:

PixelBolt Creator: With seven hundred Templates and 3,000 graphical source, consumer can generate amazing banner ads, logo, flyer, cafe menu, Insta-Gram advertisements as well as FaceBook cover and youtube thumbnail and every other graphical endeavors.

PixelBolt Advanced Editor: Generate advertising video without exporting or rendering. Generate video utilizing PIXELBOLT and promptly release it to entrepreneurs site!

PixelBolt T Shirt Creator: And never having to handle complex equipment produce top endeavors that are astonishing. Immediately generate expert top endeavors utilizing PixelBolt with a huge number of advanced graphical source.

Advanced Video Layer: Allow advertisers to manage layer and graphic assets in their video, as easy as drag & drop

Hundreds Of Google Fonts: Understanding the needs of unique font for a better design, the producer put together hundreds of google font for their customers inside PixelBolt

Html Inside Video: Marketers can put custom HTML code inside their video, as easy as copy and paste

Video Pop-Up: Let user’s video appear as a pop-up on their site. It would steal marketers’ visitor attention and help marketers get a better result.

Shapes: Beautify user’s designs using editable custom shapes. Super flexible with drag and drop shape editor.

Basic Editing: Some basic editing tool such as crop, rotate, undo, redo, and resize were also included

Lightning Fast Upload: PixelBolt lets its users upload media from their computer in one second however large the size of the file is.

Save & Open: Users can save and open projects created using PixelBolt. With this feature, users will never worry about losing their project.

Highest Design Quality: User can save and export design created using PixelBolt in a high resolution even ready for print projects.

Hundreds T-Shirt Mockup: This WP plugin covers marketers’ t-shirt design needs. It helps users with hundreds of t-shirt mockup and various types such as basic t-shirt, long sleeve, hoodie, sleeveless, as well as tees for kid

Save Resource: The plugin have 3,700+ (OR 10,000+ in PixelBolt Plus) templates and assets, users do not have to worry about your server. PixelBolt also optimizes the asset, so its users just need to pick asset/template they require before start working with PixelBolt. Easy and Fast

World Class Support: The support team of PixelBolt are ready to help their users maximize the use of PIXELBOLT in highest possibility. Contact them anytime for any problem when working with PixelBolt.

PixelBolt Can Help Any Businesses and Marketers:

• E Commerce: Make e commerce shop layout 10 times better utilizing PixelBolt
Marketer: Generate better banner ad that is promotional and also make it outstanding
• TeeSpring: Generate Better T-shirt Apparels and layout utilizing PixelBolt
Blogger: Get site visitors and a lot more viewers utilizing video that is interactive and attractive.
• Web Marketer: Earn more money by starting Graphic and Video Design Service
• Internet Marketer: Make marketers ad more captivating utilizing eye catching, interactive video
• Affiliate Marketer: Whole promotion tool-using high quality layout

Even though it’s super-simple to work with, the manufacturer also offers step-by-step coaching, therefore consumers are well-versed with all of the the equipment and attributes PixelBolt provides.

Moreover, users can quickly update PixelBolt every time the company releases a new version of the plugin. Users just need to click the update button right inside their WordPress dashboard.

By buying PixelBolt, marketers will get exclusive access to some of the company’s special offer in the form of bonuses below:

• Monthly Free Customer Only gift
• Hundreds of Corporate Powerpoint Slide Templates
• Hundreds of Explainer Video Powerpoint Slide Templates
• Hundreds of Ready To Use Characters

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