EHR YOUR WAY Has Raised Standards Of Electronic Health Record Software


San Diego, CA, USA – January 18, 2017 – Electronic Health Record Company, EHRYourWay has announced that it will continue to provide its new and improved services in the New Year for its 4000 active users. The company had a successful run in the year 2016 and is aiming higher for 2017. Founded in 2008 by Dr. Kumara Prathipati, M.D. and Dr. Joseph Reddy, M.D, who have been practicing medicine for more than 35 years, the company has made a mark in the industry of Electronic Health Record. 

“EHR Your Way was made by clinicians, for clinicians and is currently serving over 4,000 users to date,” said Jay Lancy, the director of sales at EHRYourWay. “Our 115 employees are here to serve you six days per week and listen carefully to feedback so that we may continue our mission of building the best EHR software on the market,” Jay added. While using the software, there is virtually no change in the workflow and everything goes as smooth as it can. Electronic Health Record software around the world are competing in a tight race with each other due to the global medical dependence on EHR and EHRYourWay is leading significantly due to its difference making and result oriented approach.

The software works to address electronically record processes specific to patient intake such as, appointments, medical records, billing, and reporting. With an easy-to-use and affordable technology solution like EHRYourWay, making electronic copies of the hard paper documents and filling them on a computer has been perfected. The software not only saves time but also money and environment. It is gaining immense popularity in the industry due to these countless useful features.

EHR software by EHRYourWay is the best EHR software available in the market. The user reviews and feedback about the software has been phenomenal and clients have loved the interface and the results attained by this marvel of medicine and information technology. For many physicians, doctors and clinics, the software has proven to be an amazing invention and more are getting it every day to improve their practice and help their patients in a better and more effective manner.

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