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Mitchell, OR – As more businesses are catching onto the idea that happy employees are perhaps the most important factor for the success of a business, more companies are considering various options for improving the employee environment with on-site perks like exercise and/or nap rooms. Near the top of that list and in popular demand are commercial cold press juicers. Companies embracing the notion that happy and healthy employees means better business overall are buying up cold press juicers to enable their employees to make their own cold pressed juices, which contribute to better overall employee health.

Of course, commercial cold press juicers are going to be functionally different from individual-user cold press juicers, particularly in terms of frequency of usage. While individual-user juicers might be used one to three times a day depending on how much someone craves the health benefits and delicious taste of cold-pressed juice, commercial juicers will undergo much more extensive usage, depending on the size of the company. Features like anti-jamming mechanisms, dishwasher-safe capabilities, and warranties are important to factor in while purchasing a commercial cold press juicer. In addition, the noise level varies between juicers and can be an all-important factor, especially for offices with open or nearby employee lunges. provides extensive reviews of single-user and commercial cold press juicers. Their comparisons and reviews of the best commercial cold press juicers, available at the, allow businesses to weigh their options and determine how various commercial juicers stack up against each other. With careful attention paid to price, versatility, warranties, and labor intensive durability, provides objective reviews that allow businesses to determine for themselves which is the commercial cold press juicer most suited to the tastes and needs of their employees.

In addition to factoring in the price, durability, and warranties of a given juicer, businesses will want to assess the versatility of each juicer. Some juicers are only capable of taking in leafy greens, while others are strictly made for fruits. In a commercial setting, the versatility of a juicer is another important factor that eliminates the need to make a company-wide announcement regarding what fruits and vegetables can or cannot be juiced without breaking the juicer.

Companies seeking to contribute to improved overall employee health and happiness should invest in a commercial cold press juicer.

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