Finding Excellent Connecticut Divorce Mediators

Going through a divorce can be either a relief or a painful event and the emotions involved may make conflict resolution very hard. Sometimes it is necessary to go to trial; however, a divorce mediator may be just what is needed to reach a solution that benefits all parties.

Divorces can be very messy affairs; it is hard to imagine a more difficult time to settle disputes than when going through a divorce. In many cases both parties will be hurt and emotions are almost guaranteed to boil over. Divorce mediation is the process whereby settlement negotiations take place and are moderated by a neutral third-party, these negotiations are less emotionally draining than a trial and allows for courteous negotiation, which can prove to be beneficial for all parties involved. It is very important to point out that each party has control over the agreement, both can oppose it without guilt, the aim of these negotiations is to benefit everyone and stating the interests of each party is vital.

Saybrook Mediation offers an excellent mediation service, providing both parties with equal attention to their individual needs, their aim is to device a practical plan to ensure that the negotiations run as smoothly as it is possible. Their aim is to carefully go through each of the things that worries both parties and they strive to find a way in which both can take away something positive as they go their separate ways.

Though mediation might not be for everyone, it has been shown to have many merits, without a doubt the most important one is that it has positive effects on any children involved. Since mediation is by far less stressful than litigation, it allows a more peaceful home environment even while right in the middle of the conflict. Besides, children benefit from seeing their parents cooperating and this makes the entire experience less traumatic, on top of this cooperation between the parents often results in joint custody which is beneficial to both the child and the parents. Saybrook Mediation has ample conflict resolution experience and understands the importance of maintaining a civil environment in which to carry out negotiations so that both parties can feel at ease and this difficult process can end amicably and without harming any children involved.

The mediator is not a judge, their job is simply to assist both parties in reaching an agreement. This allows everyone to maintain control over the process as well as a custom agreement that a judge will not be able to provide but is most likely a better option since it has been created with your special needs in mind. Saybrook Mediation offers all the advantages of mediation, listening to every concern and taking steps to assure that they are resolved.

About Saybrook Mediation

Christina Burnham has mediated disputes since 1995, she started out at the Regional Trial Docket with the Connecticut Judicial System. Saybrook mediation is her creation and offers a neutral environment for families to resolve a dispute in an amicable way.

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