Creative Bioarray Released New Products of Cell Culture Medium

January, 18, 2016, with years of professional experience and advanced medium systems, which can be applied in various cell types of human, mouse, rat, etc, Creative Bioarray now releases a complete range of cell culture products, including endothelial cell growth medium, epithelial cell growth medium, tumor cell lines media.

“this new update in cell culture medium is a symbol of great development of Creative Bioarray in 2016. Our scientists have spent nearly a year in developing these products. Because it should be safe and efficient before they enter into the market.” said Pro. David Smith.

Endothelial cell growth medium

In developmental and disease mechanisms studies, endothelial cells play significant roles. These products in Creative Bioarray are designed to support the growth of different types endothelial cells, including human endothelial cells, mouse/rat endothelial cells and porcine endothelial cells and bovine endothelial growth medium. The most featured and advanced benefits of these products are high stability and effectiveness, which are regarded as the most important features in biological fields.

Epithelial cell growth medium

Besides the features of diverse categories within the same organism, epithelial cells are highly specialized and existing in carefully ordered multilayered structures. The epithelial cell growth medium in Creative Bioarray is completely formulated to support epithelial cells derived from different organisms. The advantages of epithelial cell medium system are including ideal cell health, viability, performance, physiology, morphology, consistency and data. Just like endothelial cell growth medium, it also contains human epithelial cell growth medium and mouse/rat epithelial cell growth medium.

Tumor cell lines media

In Creative Bioarray, tumor cell lines collection now has contained over 150 kinds of cells, which play very crucial roles in many biological fields, such as medical, scientific and pharmaceutical research. With the commitment to providing powerful cell growth, scientists in Creative Bioarray developed SuperCult tumor cell lines media. This tumor cell lines media is featured with the following advantages: reliable homogeneity, high media consistency, superior cell growth and productivity, under repeated tests for its capacity.

As a leading supplier in biological research field, Creative Bioarray is commitment to providing the highest quality products and services for customers. It is promising that these newly-updated products will be popular within a very short period.

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