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News Wire CostsLOS ANGELES, CA – 1/19/2017 — Maybe you’re working on increasing the visibility of your brand or product through a well designed information campaign. If so, then you’re likely aware that the success of a good news wire depends on several key factors.

The first step in creating buzz through a press release is writing a well crafted new wire. A news wire is a brief information bite that provides the public with a snapshot of your brand or product. News wires are written about a variety of subjects and then made available to media sources for publication. Like a good news wire, a quality press wire will provide the public with enough information to increase your visibility while also capturing their curiosity.

Undoubtedly it would be difficult to pull off a great press release without a solid news wire, but crafting your information is only the first step in the process.

Once your information has been packaged, you have to send it off to media sources for publication. This is where press release distribution services like Easy Newswire come into play by making your news wire available to as many media sources as possible.

A successful press release is one that offers an accurate portrayal of your brand or product and reaches as many viewers as possible. While you may be willing to pay a higher price for availability to more sources, if your press release doesn’t end up reaching publication with a satisfactory number of sources, then the money you’ve spent on distribution will diminish the overall success of your information campaign. The cost you pay up front to distribute your news wire can be a key factor in determining its overall success.

Some press release distribution services like will charge you as much as $999 to distribute your news wire. That’s a high price to pay and leaves a lot of room for wasted dollars if your information doesn’t get the breadth of distribution you need.

At Easy Newswire, we guarantee we’ll distribute your news wire to over 350 sources for only $129. Not only will we make sure your information reaches as many sources as possible, with our reasonable price we help ensure the overall success of your information campaign.

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