Penetrating Evolution of Consumer 3D Printing Market at 45% CAGR, Downright Revolutionary?

High prominence of the Consumer 3D Printing Market in the last few years proves the quality demand for this technology across the globe. Numerous applications in the medical and dental surgeries along with the developments in tissue engineering are noted to be high-end important market propellants.

3D Printing System basically prints out 3D models for either prototypes or designs intended to be modeled. It is an emerging market with immensely growing applications across various end user industries. The versatility of this market has been spreading across the globe and boosting the sales accordingly. Owing to the growing funding and investments that the Consumer 3D Printing Market has been receiving in the past few years, it is evident that this industry shall witness a sharp growth in the upcoming years. This market research report on Consumer 3D Printing Market includes a complete in depth analysis of the global market with all aspects taken into consideration.

The Inception of 3D printing happened in 90’s but was chained to industrial application. From past 5 years the industry marked its entrance into consumer products. The Consumer 3D printing market is growing at a very fast pace with 45% CAGR for next five years. The pullulating market is supported by strong demand from the consumers.

Market Overview:

3D printers are mostly noted to be used in industries, but entry level printers which can produce products of relatively smaller volumes are currently available for purchase by households, hobbyists, educational institutions as these printers come at a very low cost. This versatility of 3D Printers being used among common people has begun to drive a reduction in high prices of these products; and the future is projected to see a much lesser price range for the same.

3D printing in healthcare market has recently gained immense increased popularity due to the increasing number of applications in the medical and dental surgeries along with the developments in tissue engineering. These sectors are pegged to contribute more than usual in the coming few years of observation.

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Segmentation Outlook:

This market research report by IndustryARC on Consumer 3D Printing Market is segmented into various categories by price ranges, by materials used, by end users and by geography.

By Price Ranges: Less than $500, $500-$1000, $1000-$2000, Greater than $2000

By Materials Used: plastics (PLA, ABS, PVA), metals, ceramics, by forms (powder, filament, liquids)

By End Users: homes, educational institutions, small and medium businesses, architects and designers, service providers and others

By Geography: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW

Vendors Brief:

Makerbot is often considered as the pioneer of the Consumer 3D Printing Market followed by next set of prominent players like Solidoodle, Ultimake etc. Increased numbers of companies are constantly trying to bring newer and better designs to attract and keep consumers’ attention.

Startups based on 3D printers for consumer products are also growing at a huge pace in North America and Europe. Out of the 40+ top industry players of the Consumer 3D Printing Market included in this research analysis report, few are: 

  • Voxeljet

  • Shapeways

  • Trumpf

  • Xilloc Medical B.V

  • Beijing Tiertime Technology Co. Ltd

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